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      Kuntal Hazra

      Date of Birth – 12/06/1994
      Date of Time – 11.49AM
      Place – Hooghly , West bengal
      Lagna – virgo
      Rashi – Cancer

      Sir, I have been trying for government job for last 3 years , is there any chance of government job in my horoscope and which gemstone is suitable for me to get government job.

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      If a government job could be secured by wearing a Gemstone, there will no dearth of employment in this country. Read “Are there remedies in Astrology” on my blog

      As per your horoscope when you work for ₹100, your returns will only that of ₹72 worth. So you will have to work hard to earn money. Your Mercury being the lord of career house has only 6% residential strength and therefore your career will be not one which will give you good job satisfaction.

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      Soundarya b

      Iam preparing for upsc exams, n I need to get d job very badly. Kindly inform me dat whether I have govt job opportunity in my life,n what I may do to get d job like Pooja mantra chanting , feast,prayer.

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      I have already answered your question in clear terms. Asking the same question repeatedly will not help you in getting a job.

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