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      Hey Everyone!
      I had a pretty basic Question about Vedic Astrology. It’s compatibility.
      and No I am not getting married,it’s just,well I like this girl for a long,long time,but for some reason or the other,we can’t make the jump from “just good friends” to the next level-being in a relationship.
      I mean I try hard,but I’m sure most of you guys can relate 🙂 .
      Anyway My(Male) Birth details is :

      11th October 1996, 8:47 am,New Delhi,India.

      Her Birth details is:

      24th April 1996,2 :03 pm,New Delhi,India.

      I would really,really appreciate any kind of detailed analysis,is there a future for us,HOW I can make her my girlfriend,what things/gestures she’ll like etc.

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      Navneet Khanna

      Yours is a Virgo and Gemini compatibility. As you both have Moon sign of Mercury , compatibility is very much indicated in your horoscope. However there are some basic differences between a Mercury boy and a Mercury Girl. Mercury boy look into beauty, romance and physical aspects. As Mercury rules intelligence , intelligent conversations do play a major roles in influencing a Mercury boy. However on the other side a Mercury female are intelligent and can consider physical attraction as troublesome. They get stimulated through talks and intelligent conversation. They admire manners and are shy and avoid demonstrating love.


      Navneet Khanna

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