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      Hello Sir,

      My father in law passed away suddenly in 12th feb 2018. He verbally confirmed current house to my husband in presence of  him,mother in law and myself. He categorically informed this decision after consulting husband’s sister, citizen of Australia. This was some were in july17 after which our house renovations were started by me. Mother in law moved to our flat during covid as she wanted to be separate.

      Now my mother-in law and husbands sister wants their share in fathers house occupied by me. We do not have other house. My birth date is 15/09/1975 solapur 6.35am and my husbands details are 01/03/1972 pune 1.12pm. His mothers birth date is 02/07/1950.

      How do you see result from our horoscope

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      Navneet Khanna

      In the horoscope of your husband, who is directly related to this case. We see that 8th house is the house of inheritance and Saturn rules the 8th house and Saturn is in the 12th house of losses. Rahu is in the 8th house in Moon Nakshatra and Moon incidentally is weak as it is just 00.47 degrees. Ketu in the 2nd house of finance indicates financial losses. He is running the period Jupiter – Rahu from November 24 to April 2027. This period indicates financial losses and things not working in your favour so it is best to talk and resolve things amicably.


      Navneet Khanna

      Vedic Astrologer


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        Sir,His 1/3 is already there in the property and he is ok with his share. His mother is not listening to him, me and closed ones. She is only listening to his sisters husband, who has lot pf money. Are you suggesting, any orher financial loss?

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