I have no plantes in my 7th house (Navamasa chart) i am worried!!???

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      I wanted to know when will I get married or is there no marriage at all ??
      I have no planets in 7th house I am really worried
      Venus and Moon in the 11th house
      Saturn in 5th house
      mercury and mars in the 10th house
      Ketu in the 9th house
      sun in the 1st house
      asscendent in the 12th house
      DOB: 25/5/1992 ; Time : 5.20 AM I am south indian born in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh (I am a girl)
      When will I get married (also will my spouce be good looking ? )
      PLease some one kindly reply I am really worried
      note: I have done my chart online those free astrology websites


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      exact place of birth Tuni ,Andhrapradesh

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      Navneet Khanna

      Your are born under Taurus lagna and your Rashi is Aquarius. Mars is the lord of the 7th house of marriage. Mars is posited in the 11th house which is not good. Rahu in the 8th house aspects Jupiter the karka for husband. Sun in the first house aspects the 7th house. Your horoscope is weak for marital happiness and therefore doing proper matching of the horoscope is important for having a happy marital life. Marriage is certainly there in your life, however if you do not do matching properly then problems can be there. Therefore horoscope matching is very important.

      As Mars rules the 7th house, your husband will be active, strong, charming personality. However he may be a dominating and authoritative person. Therefore compatibility matching will ensure you happy marriage.

      You dont have to worry if you dont have planets in the 7th house of Navamsha chart.


      Navneet Khanna

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        Thank you sir for responding 🙂
        I have one last question
        at what age will I be married ? and is my spouse going to be a foreigner(someone told me this)

        Thankyou again

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          Any possibility of love marriage?

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      To my analysis of your horoscope you will be married when you are 35 years of age unless of course you have a unmarried relationship with some one.

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        Thankyou sir for answering 🙂 really appreciate it
        They are planning to get me married they are really rushing it idont know what to do
        If in case I get married before 35 what will happen??

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      You will have an unhappy partner to deal with. And from 35 years onward you will be happily married and have children and a happy family altogether.

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        Thank you sir soo greatful for your kindness for acknowledging my concerns
        It was a pleasure talking to you 🙂

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      JVS Rao

      As per Krishna Murthy Paddhati analysis, in which we see in stellar level, you will get married in 2018. The boy comes in your local area and would be a decent fellow. you will be blessed with children.
      Your 7th house is vacant. Its lord Mars is in 11th. Saturn alone is in his star and signifying 7th and 11th. Hence Saturn has the power to give marriage.

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      at what age will I get married and will there be any divorce or second marriage ?

      will I have a good married life

      I have moon in 1st house

      ketu in 3rd house

      sun in 4th house

      jupiter in 5th

      venus in 8th

      rahu and mars in 9th

      mercury and saturn in 12th

      and ascendant in 7th

      i was born in ambala haryana

      on 8th oct 2003 in the morning 1 am

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      i tried an online navamsa calculator and up there was the result

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