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      Sunit Sharma

      Dear Sir

      I lost my job before 8 month & I tried a lot & cann’t get any response regarding my resume and please help.

      Name : Sunit Sharma
      Place of birth : Chandausi
      Time : 16:15
      Date of Birth : 11.10.1985

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      You will get some response before June 2021.

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      Sunit Sharma

      Sir, matlab mujhe 10 month job nahi milegi?
      Please give me complete answer what have you seen in my kundali?

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      matlab tho aap nikaaliye. hum jo kuch jawab de saktha hai woh tho de diya.

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      P G Thyagarajan


      I lost my well settled job 3.5years back.
      Till now I didn’t proper suitable job , if I’ve joined in any job knowing or unknowingly iam leaving that in 2 months only.. many people contact for remedy, done many poojas etc to get a settled job because of that my whole family future is in question mark.but still negative only

      Please tell whats the problem I’m not getting job and earning like before.. what I have to do to get immediate results..

      Name : P.G.Thyagarajan’
      D.O.B. 15-01-1985,
      Time ‘ 5.40pm
      Place ‘ Bangalore.

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      You may have to wait till mid 2021 to get a satisfactory job. Till then improve your skills in your field of expertise.

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