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      Hi Sir

      which career or field would be the most suitable for me according to my astro chart planets & houses.

      Currently i am working in IT MNC and I am BTech pass out

      6th July 1996


      Gwalior (MP)


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      Mercury and Rahu are powerless in your horoscope and you may not do well in the IT field. You will have to get your horoscope fully analysed scientifically to find alternatives.

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      An interesting birth-chart indeed with Jupiter/Guru-dev, Mercury/Budha and Venus/Shukra powerfully placed in their respective Swasthanas. Given Udaya Lagna is placed in Dhanur/Sagittarius Rashi, placement of Lagna Lord Jupiter/Guru-dev alongside needs to be taken note of, along with Mercury/Budha and Venus/Shukra being neither happy nor comfortable being placed in the 6th and 7th houses respectively – they are detrimental for related significances.

      Incidentally, you are in the midst of Mercury/Budha Maha-Dasha. He is the 10th lord of Karma-Sthana. But then, his placement calls for validation of the concept of Kendradipathya Dosha…Further, he is posited in the Lunar Constellation of Ardra Nakshatra, ruled by Rahu making me wonder about Rahu’s influence and the possibilities of inherent intelligence being wasted.

      Further, Saturn/Shani-dev’s current transit in Kumbha/Aquarius Rashi has started Sade-Sathi or Saturn/Shani-dev’s transit across natal placement of Moon/Chandra.

      Given the situation (not to mention an IT-MNC company will have a number of different departments/teams with options), it would perhaps make more sense if you were to provide some background with regards to your education/qualification (B.Tech in which stream), career aspiration etc., as also elaborate and help us understand what has prompted you to ask this question.

      Take care…

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