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Manglik Check – whether I’m Manglik or Not

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    Myself Amit Sharma

    DOB is 29th Nov 1987 Time: 07:50 AM

    Birth Place: churu, Rajasthan

    Please can you check and tell me whether I’m Manglik or Not.

    I did some search on net and some website showing me that there is Mild Manglik. As Mangal is placed in 12th House in Lagna chart while in Moon it is in 9th House. So pls suggest whether I can marry a Non – Manglik Girl in this condition???



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    No, you are not a Manglik since though Mars is there in 12th it has conjunction with Mercury, a benefic and that negates the problem.

    However your horoscope has a net strength of only 34.89%, just close to a pass mark. So you should establish full compatibility with the girl’s horoscope before going ahead with the marriage.

    Planet Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 15.70 84.13 Malefic
    Moon 59.57 40.30 Benefic
    Mars 30.07 68.22 Malefic
    Mercury 45.05 42.53 Benefic
    Jupiter 32.95 64.20 Malefic
    Venus 33.12 66.02 Malefic
    Saturn 23.22 43.02 Malefic
    Rahu 32.95 64.20 Malefic
    Kethu 45.05 42.53 Benefic

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