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Marital life and settlement

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    Hello sir my details are 25th march 1983, 9:40am Hyderabad India. Iam married and having two kids and living in USA. How will be my marital life and career will I settle down in USA or India.


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    Could someone please reply to my post

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    Your question cannot be answered whether you will settle down in India or USA. Astrology treats the whole globe as one unit and you are a tiny member of the living beings of the world. Regarding your marital life, an answer can be given if your horoscope is well investigated using scientific evaluation of your horoscope. Read my blog and come through Paid consultation.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao

    Your lagna is Vrishabha.
    For Vrishabha lagna people,Guru is very bad planet.
    It is in the seventh house for you.
    Seventh house stands for marriage.
    It can be definitely said that you will have
    problems in married life.

    You are running Sukra period upto 2021.
    Sani is excellent planet for your lagna.
    Sani is seeing Sukra.
    Your career will be good upto 2021,as Sani is seeing
    Sani is excellent planet for your lagna.

    After Sukra period,there are more chances for you to
    return to INdia.

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