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      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: 9th April, 1990
      Place of Birth: New Delhi, India
      Time of Birth: 7:45 PM

      I want to know as to when will I get married and whether it will be love or arranged? Also, does 4th house Mars posited with Rahu and Shani make me a Manglik? Is there anything to be careful about?
      Thanks in advance.

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      Your Mars is in the 5th house and not in the 4th house. So you do not have to worry about it on that count. But for Mercury all other planets are Benefic in your horoscope. The marital house 7th is the weakest in your horoscope since Mars has poor residential strength. The second weakest house is the 2nd house. What the houses indicate is given in my blog Navagraha Astrology Online

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      manogna Bavana

      My DOB is 29 /08/1987
      Time : 7 :15 am
      place : Ichchapuram , Andhra pradesh
      Kindly tell me sir , what the qualities of my spouse would be i. e : how to identify that he could be the one ?

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      Eight planets in your horoscope are malefics. Saturn is the only strong Benefic in your horoscope and you are now running that Mahadasa. You should get married before Feb 2020 to get a good spouse. While your marital house is all right, your mental happiness is at stake due to a weak 4th house. What the individual houses signify can be read on my blog Navagraha Astrology Online

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      Hi sir,
      My birth date is jan 7th,1999 ,11.30 am and my bfs birth date is 2nd Dec,1997,4.30 pm,Can we get married ??

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      To give you an answer to your question, we have to analyze both the horoscope in detail. You can come through Paid consultation after reading through my blog Navagraha Astrology Online

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      Is my kundli having bandhni yog

      I am 31 years old but still my marriage is not getting fixed.Some astrologist says me that “Bandhni yog” is included in my kundli.

      Please suggest as you are good astrologer and i trust on you.

      Details are:-26 march 1989 2.45 am ladwa kurukshetra.

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      You will get married post Oct 2019 and before Mar 2020. There is no such Yoga in Astrology.

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