Marriage crisis

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      The query is reg my marriage life which is in crisis, i can say almost crashed.please kindly help me.

      my details
      d-o-b 18-apr-1986
      t-o-b 5.50 am
      p-o-b anantapur,ap

      his details
      d-o-b 13-June-1981
      t-o-b 5:45 am
      p-o-b vayalpad,ap

      My marriage date : 19-oct-2011

      The divorce has happened in USA but not legally in India. Are there any chances for reunion in the future. Even my parents are against reunion but i cannot stay away from him. Neither he seems to want this relation any longer. Because of this situatin, i am not able to concentrate on anything or have a mind to even think any further about my life,but only want to reunite with him. i am becoming depressed day by day thinking of him. sometimes i feel like ending my life rather than going through all this.

      Please consider looking into the charts and reply

      Hopefully awaiting a reply from you.


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      Navneet Khanna

      Your husband is very strong mangalik, where as there is no mangal dosha in your horoscope, Saturn aspects the 7th house of marriage. In the horoscope of your husband Venus the karka for marriage is in an inimical distance. The same condition is also in your horoscope. When two horoscope indicate bad marriage , seperation is certain. The horoscope matching has been ignored as the allaince is not favourable and seperation is strongly indicated. It is better that you accept that this alliance was not good for you and also for him and its better, that you accept this fact and look out for a life partner which has a better compatibility with your horoscope for a happy and blissful married life. As you are in the main period of Ketu and sub period of Moon, doing the below remedies will truly help.

      1. Keep fast on Mondays.
      2. Recite mantra Om Namaha Shivaye 108 times daily.
      3. Recite mantra OM Gan Ganpahthye Namaha Namaha 108 times daily.

      God Bless,

      Navneet Khanna

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