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      my marriage is getting delay , want to know the reason and solution for the same .

      DOB : 11/july/1992


      shimoga, karnataka

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      Disclaimer: Kindly bear with my assessment of your birth-chart, in the context of your query and feel free to ignore any part or the response in it’s entirety. Just so you are aware, any critical views shared are purely an assessment of Planetary dispositions. So, I’m not necessarily being judgmental of you as a person. Anyways… here we go.

      In my humble opinion, there are multiple reasons for the delay and perhaps for your own good. For instance, unfolding of Karma shows Karma-Karaka and Lagna Lord Saturn/Shani-dev being Vakra or Retrograde. He is placed alongside Udaya Lagna in his Swasthana and favorite abode of Makara/Capricorn Rashi. He is placed in the Lunar Constellation of Shravana Nakshatra, ruled by 7th lord of Kalathra-Sthana Moon/Chandra… who himself is placed in his Neecha-Sthana or sign of debilitation (not to mention being adrift, with very little support on the flanks, making you a bit of a loner… with few friends and limited social life). So, there seems to be some influence on your mind. He is also aspecting the 7th house of Kalathra-Sthana, as also natural or Naisargika Kalathra-Karaka Venus/Shukra and Mercury/Budha placed there.

      For the records, Saturn/Shani-dev’s placement is creating a strong Sasa Yoga (described in short as Wandering leader of free spirits, meaning you don’t give a heck to anything/anybody). To make matters worse, Mars/Kuja the 4th & 11th lord (a Badhakaraka for the birth-chart) is very strongly placed in his Swasthana and Moola-Trikona in Mesha/Aries Rashi, creating another strong Ruchaka Yoga… making a bit of a hot-headed person, with fiery temperament. The combination is not really conducive for managing/maintaining healthy relationships, specially at a young age when lack of maturity is invariably prevalent.

      Further, presence of Venus/Shukra in the 7th house of Kalathra-Sthana calls for validation of Karaka-Bhava-Nashaya… not to mention Saturn/Shani-dev and Mercury/Budha are not exactly happy or comfortable being placed in the 1st and 7th houses respectively. They are invariably detrimental for related significance.

      Lastly, it looks like you are from a well-off or well-t0-do family background (although I observe inherent issues within the family). So, you might be naturally aloof…with high expectations, very little flexibility, no compromises etc.

      In summary, I think your Lagna Lord and Karma-karaka Saturn/Shani-dev is giving you some hardship. But then, from another perspective, he seems to be protecting you by averting a potential disaster.

      Take care…

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