Marriage troubles

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      Marriage trouble

      My details are: dob – 13/9/1983, time -10:08am, place – Mumbai and my husband’s details are: dob – 8/11/1983, time – 2.32am and place – Mumbai. We are separated. Will it end in divorce? It’s our second marriage

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      You are currently in the midst of Lagna Lord Venus/Shukra’s Maha-Dasha. He is Vakra/Retrograde and still very close to Gandanta degrees, at the edge of 10th house of Karma-Sthana in Karkataka Rashi. He is caught between Neecha or debilitated 2nd & 7th lord Mars/Kuja and Sun/Ravi. Ketu placed in the 2nd house of Wealth/Family Expansion, Vakra/Retrograde Mercury/Budha and lastly mutual aspect of Uccha or exalted Saturn/Shani-dev and Mars/Kuja are not really helping your cause. By nature, you seem to be very temperamental. You are probably intelligent and seem to misuse your intelligence (that at least could be a perception you seem to give to most people around you).

      Your husband is in the midst of Neecha or debilitated 12th lord Moon/Chandra Maha-Dasha. Lagna Lord Sun/Ravi is placed in his Neecha-Sthana or sign of debilitation, along with (6th &) 7th lord of Relationship – Saturn/Shani-dev placed in his Uccha-Sthana or sign of exaltation.

      Given that both of you are close to 40 years of age, I hope better sense prevails, you’ll realize your mistakes and work towards a wise/sensible decision.

      Take care..

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