Please help to know when will I get a job

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      I am an engineer with good overseas experience. My birth day is 1st march 72 and at 1.12pm in Pune.

      My interviews are not closing even after reaching to last stages, few offers from india and Africa are still hangging. Please help me with your advice on when will I resume work according to your study. I hope situation does not worsen for me and my family. Please provide guidance and your blessings.


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      Navneet Khanna

      You are in the main period of Jupiter and sub period of Sun, which are not well placed in your horoscope presently. You are also have Rahu in the 12th house of expenses and losses. Some changes are indicated for the better after 15 March 2022. But keep your expectations low and the period will be better but not the best that you may have seen before. Read Hanuman Chalisa for gains.


      Navneet Khanna


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        Sachin Kulkarni

        thank you Sir. I have started reading hanuman chalisa.

        Should I accept job offer in india or east Africa according to your readings.

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