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Regarding Ketu Dasha and Danger to Parent's Lives

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      I recently consulted an astrologer who said I am beginning my Ketu Dasha in 2027. He mentioned that during this period, there could be some danger to my parents’ lives.

      Could some learned person kindly have a look at my horoscope and determine if this is true? I am feeling very upset regarding this as 2027 is not very far away. Does my horoscope indicate I will do last rites or something then?

      My details are as follows:

      DOB – 31 August 1985
      TOB – 19.45 IST
      POB – Chennai, Tamil Nadu



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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      Your lagna is Meena.
      Secon house-rahu-bad .
      Sani is seeing second house.
      It may give you some stammering
      problem and finace problems.
      Fifth house-Budha and Sukra–good
      Sixth house–Sun and Kuja .Both are very
      Kuja is excellent planet for this lagna.
      Kuja in sixth house indicates bad luck and
      not good for father.
      Eighth house–Sani and kethu.bad.
      It indicates some disease in testes
      Eleventh house Guru neecha.
      12th house-moon–very bad.
      Kethu period will not be good.
      But it has nothing to do father.
      As there is negativity in horoscope,
      you have to do penance for one or two
      years to reduce the evil of moon and Sani.

      Please click the following link and read the

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      sir, the same thing was told by an astrologer to me .he said that my parents will have some health issues in my Ketu Dasha which is starting from March 2019. can you tell me it is true or not? and which parent mother or father ??
      D.o.b- 24/08/1995
      time–6.58 am
      place –Nagpur Maharashtra

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      Obviously you are consulting too many fake astrologers. Parents are elder to you and they will age as time advances. One day you will have to do the last rites of your parents. Birth and death of anyone cannot be predicted by astrology.

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