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      Hi all

      I recently had breakup with my bf 28 march2024 reason was his family was not agreed for the our marriage specially his brother and mother.

      My question is should i wait for him? Will he come back to me after some time? Any chances of patchup?

      My details

      Dob1 2 aug1988

      Birthtime 00.48 Pakistan standard time

      Birthplace sialkot Pakistan

      His details

      21 aug1988

      Bithtime unknown

      Birthplace riyadh saudi arabia

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      Any chances of our marriage?

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      Navneet Khanna

      Looking at your birth chart we see that ketu is in the 5th house. 5th house is the house of love and romance and Ketu in the 5th house is never auspicious. It brings misunderstanding with partner and also relationship problems. 5th lord Mercury is in the 12th house of losses. Saturn is your bhagesh means that planet which rules your destiny or bhagya, and we see that Saturn is conjoined with Mars which is the 12th lord of losses. Hence there is a strong possibility that the problem in your relationship will continue and no need to wait for this person. You need to move forward.



      Navneet Khanna

      Vedic Astrologer


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      So any yog of marriage in my chart? Will i ever get mchance of marriage?

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      Assuming birth-details are accurate, Udaya Lagna or Ascendent in your birth-chart is placed in the Zodiac sign of Taurus or Vrishaba Rashi, loosely conjunct Jupiter/Guru-dev and Lagna Lord Venus/Shukra in the 2nd house…being bothered by low-profile miscreants Maandi & Gulika.

      Incidentally, 5th lord Mercury/Budha is placed in the Zodiac sign of Leo or Simha Rashi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Magha Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu. Further, he is loosely conjunct Ketu, while being caught in the Ketu-Rahu axis. For the records, Ketu co-lords the 7th house of Kalathra-Sthana…so, chances of falling in love exist. But then, sustaining the relationship will be a challenge.

      In my humble opinion, there are limited Yogas for marriage in your birth-chart. Lagna Lord Venus/Shukra is placed precariously… very close to Mrityu Bhaga and within the fatal Trimsamsa degrees. This in some ways is diluting the good Raja-Lakshmi Yoga (a good Dhana Yoga) time period – that of Saturn/Shani-dev’s Antara in the midst of Venus/Shukra Maha-Dasha.

      On the sidelines, you seem to have some fascination for unconventional relationship and outlandish or foreign taste… But then, you also cannot seem to let go of prevalent socio-cultural norms. So, you seem to have gotten into a catc-22 situation.

      Take care…

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      Thanks for reply buddy but i am not able to fully understand what you said. Limited yogs for marriage? Like its a 50/50 chance. AlsoIs there any favourable period?

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