Second pregnancy

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      My date of birth is 20.08.1990

      time 10.16 am

      place dehradun

      I am pregnant with my second child…my first kid was born in 2017, in 2019 i had an abortion , in 2022 i had an ectopic pregnancy which was terminated. Now i am pregnant again, please tell me will my pregnancy and child birth will go smooth? Will i able to have a healthy second kid?

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      Please reply to my querry

      i am really concerned.

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      yes possible for healthy child birth

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      Considering the birth-details, Udaya Lagna seems to be placed in Sandhi/Cusp and caught in transition. It seems to have just crossed over to Tula Rashi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Chitta Nakshatra.

      Moon/Chandra also seems to be placed in Sandhi/Cusp and caught in transition, at the edge of Karkataka Rashi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Ashlesha Nakshatra, close to Gandanta degrees.

      Sun/Ravi seems to be powerfully placed in his Swasthana in Simha Rashi. He is Badha-Karaka for the birth-chart and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Magha Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu. Incidentally, he also happens to be the current Maha-Dasha lord (since October 2018) and Antara of loosely conjunct 9th & 12th lord Mercury/Budha. Towards end of this month, Ketu Antara will start (and last until end of October 2023) and in my humble opinion, he is not really a benefic for the birth-chart.

      In summary, I’m inclined to think there is a significant influence of Ketu. Kindly consider seeking help/guidance from experienced/knowledgeable experts for suitable Vedic/Dharmic remedies to propitiate Ketu, by way of offering special prayers to Lord Ganesha, with unwavering faith, bhakti/devotion and a strong sankalpa.

      Take care…

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