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      Navneet sir ,my son dob is 29/01/2016 10:10 am Bangalore.he has understanding Nd grasping level less compared to his age kids.does he have any doshas.please suggest I have done so many pujas and we performed homas and visited few piligramages told by few elder people for his good.few are telling he has ketu in lagna few are telling rahumoon conjunction fee are telling guruchandal yoga.please let me know how is his future?

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      Navneet Khanna

      As per the birth details provided by you. His lagan is Pisces and rashi is Virgo. There is no Ketu in the lagan, and also Rahu moon conjunction is not there. Rahu – Ketu are forming the Kaalsarp dosha and Guru chandal dosha. He is also mangalik, but that is for marriage. Every child is different and has his or her uniqueness, do not compare your child with others and you will not help yourself and also your child. I feel in the long run he will be fine. Yes there will be delays, slow progress and obstacles because of the dosha mentioned above. You can do the remedies given below.

      1. Donate something from his hand every Saturdays

      2. Make him wear a Silver bangle/ kara

      3. Tie a black thread on his feets.


      Navneet Khanna

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