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Speech dealy

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      KUSHAGRA dob 14.01.2014 time – 11.04am pob-hisar.he does not speak.can u pls suggest some upay.with lots of regards

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      Have you shown him to a speech therapist? If not show him to one as early as possible. As per his horoscope, his 2nd house is the weakest and this could lead to problems with face in general(ear, mouth, nose and throat). There are no short cuts in Astrology. However he has a very good horoscope otherwise and he will be having a good career and associated riches and a full life.

      May be he has problem with hearing. Just check and let us know.

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      K.Umamaheswara rao


      There is planetary evil in horoscope.
      Take a one litre bottle and fill it water and keep it in
      sunlight for 2hours and make the patient drink that water
      throughout day.
      Again wash the bottle and keep it in sunlight for 2hours
      second day and see that patient drinks that solar water throughout
      the day.
      Minimum 40days treatment.
      Elder patients have to use 2 litre water bottle.
      Elder patient should drink 2litre solar water the entire day.

      This will cure any disease and any planetary evil
      Please see that bottle is transparent.The sunrays
      should fall on the water after entering the bottle.
      Transparent means you should be able to see water inside

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