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      Dear Sir,
      I am currently looking forward to establishing an AI based startup, that can tend to mental health issues in the country. The next four years of my college life will be directed towards creating a platform for my startup.
      Would genuinely appreciate your take on this matter. Will I be successful or is it a futile effort, considering the time and money I will be investing.

      DOB: 31st August 2001
      TOB: 2 Pm
      POB: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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      Artificial Intelligence is not a fully developed branch of Computer science and it will take many more years of research to use it in fields of medical applications. I think you are venturing into an unexplored territory and it could sometimes be a risky adventure.

      However as per your horoscope, when you work for 100 units, you will have a return of 110 units worth. There could be quite a lot of wasteful expenditure too since your 12th house and 2nd house are the weakest.

      Friends and colleagues could sometimes betray you since your 3rd house is also weak.

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      Your next dasha is sun favorable for Job/ start up but it will be uphill task.
      If you can sustain Go ahead.
      But it is favorable to do job initially.

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