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When will I get married and how will be my husband

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      Chaya Sharma

      When will I get married and how will be my husband.

      DOB: Feb 8th 1995
      Place: Madras
      Time: morning 19.00

      Chaya Sharma

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      sir I want to know if i have a possibility of good career…also can you please predict the nature/behavior of my future husband?

      dob- 22/08/1994
      place – mumbai

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      Navneet Khanna

      Pratheeksha Ji,

      Looking at your horoscope the 10th house career is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is cojoined with Rahu and in an inimical distance. 5th lord Venus which is debilitated aspects the 10th house. Your career will be slow but you will do well eventually. As Rahu is exalted in the navamsha chart, there will be unexpected gains in your career. The period till June 2016 is not very favourable on the career front, however thereafter things look better. Hardwork will get paid and efforts will be well rewarded. Marriage front does not look good as again Jupiter is the 7th lord and cojoined with Rahu. Sun is positioned in the Moon chart. Strong inclination towards love marriage will be there. However marriage should be done with proper matching of the horoscope to enjoy a good and happy married life. As Jupiter is the 7th lord , your husband should have the the qualities of Jupiter which are being spiritual, noble, generous, helpful, little on the heavy side especially the belly portion, elder in age.

      God Bless,

      Navneet Khanna

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      Ramachandran T M Nambissan

      Your marital bliss has 41.99% strength which is just above average and the potential husband will be able to give you that much of happiness in your married life.

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      Ramachandran T M Nambissan

      Chhaya Sharma, what is the meaning of morning 19:00 hours? Contradictory!

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