When will I have children and good relationship with my husband?

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      Hello there!

      I am new to astrology ans been an avid reader of this dynamic topic since a while now.

      Always had a good life, good parents (except they are not good with each other at all), lovely sibling, good career (not able to earn enough money though), good husband and family (but fights with husband).

      I long for a child now.

      Here goes my 3-fold query:

      1. I am pursuing my PhD, my guide is not very helpful and belittles me mostly. I don’t feel confident presenting in front of him. However I have realised I am definitely knowledgeable. How to overcome this and when will I finish my PhD?

      2. My marriage was a love marriage. We are good with each other but many many fights. We have shadashtak: I-kumbha moon, husband virgo moon. Please advise how to be good with each other?

      3. I always wanted kids, but it seems my efforts are going in vain. I feel really hopeless! Can someone guide me for this?


      DOB: 18th July 1992

      TOB: 07:50 am

      POB: Thane, Maharashtra, India


      thank you!

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      Your birth-details indeed place Moon/Chandra in Aquarius/Kumbha Rashi. So, you are in the midst of Sade-Sathi or Saturn/Shani-dev’s transit across natal placement of Moon/Chandra. So, please do factor-in un-due stress/tension on an ill-placed Lagna Lord  – Chandra in the 8th house (Ashtama-Chandra) of Randra-Sthana. Given the situation, it might not be a bad idea for you realize half (if not more) of problem is in your mind.

      Secondly, Sun/Ravi the 2nd lord of Family Expansion and Wealth Accumulation seems to be placed alongside Udaya Lagna. He has below par Vimsopaka Bala (in Dasha Varga) and Mars/Kuja (a Yogakaraka) is placed in Badhaka-Sthana and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Kritika Nakshatra, ruled by Sun/Ravi… contributing to some weakness and delay. But then, I’m inclined to think it is not a case of denial. It would perhaps help if you are able to calm your mind, control your emotions, worry less and be a lot more patient.

      Further, it would make sense to check your husband’s birth-chart for validating collective Karma. In the interim, it may not be a bad idea for you to consider chanting some simple mantras to appease Saturn/Shani-dev and chant Santana Gopala mantra.

      Take care…

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