Will i get terminated or laid off from current job??

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      Date of birth-24/08/1995


      Nagpur, Maharashtra


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      I am in a situation where i can get terminated or laid off anytime. Also, in last 4 days i rejected a project which escalated to higher management. So i have a feeling that it is going to be a start of “bad situation” lots of questioning will happen. So can anyone tell me how next 4 or 5 months going to be for my career. Also i am kind of directionless in my career…. Job loss will be bad( i am running ketu Dasha currently) will i find new job in recession?? Any suggestion how should i deal with this situation???

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      You are indeed in the midst of Ketu Maha-Dasha. He has below par Vimsottari Bala and may not be benefically inclined for materialistic success. Incidentally, Lagna Lord Sun/Ravi (placed in his Swasthana) and 10th lord Venus/Shukra are posited in the Lunar Constellation of Magha Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu. They are too closely conjunct with each other for comfort. In fact, they engaging in Graha Yudha or Planetary war does not bode well for related significance.

      Antara is that of Jupiter/Guru-dev, ruling the 5th house of pro-creativity and 8th house of trying/testing/challenging times. He participates in Sukshma Parivarthana with upcoming Antara lord Saturn/Shani-dev, at Nakshatra level… indicating some brewing issues at home and perhaps with spouse. To make matters worse, you are in the midst of Ashtama Shani or Saturn/Shani-dev’s transit across 8th house from natal placement of Moon/Chandra. Incidentally, this is also the first Saturn/Shani-dev’s return…will bring about some transformations in your life.

      On the sidelines, they are aspected by Saturn/Shani-dev placed in the 7th house. This is created a Sasa Maha-Purusha Yoga. These placements give some hint of you being a proud and carefree person. This aspect has perhaps played a role in you turning down or rejecting involvement in the project.

      All said and done, I’m inclined to think things will continue the way this past year has been… for the immediate near future. So, it might not be a bad idea for you to consider propitiating Ketu by offering special prayers on a regular/daily basis to Lord Ganesha with unwavering faith, bhakti/devotion and a strong Sankalpa. It would also make sense for you to consider propitiating Sun/Ravi (by way of offering water daily – Argya, early in the morning during Sunrise) and offering special prayers to Goddess Dhana Lakshmi. it would also help for you to chant simple Saturn/Shani-dev’s mantras until his transit over to the Zodiac sign of Pisces or Meena Rashi.

      Take care…

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        Thanks for replying.

        Looks like a very transformative period as saturn antar dasha will also start. Saturn energies everywhere.

        How will be my overall career in this lifetime?

        Good or bad or average???



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      Sharmistha Paul





      time : 2:00am

      I get terminated frm my office in 6th may 2024. I am so stress right now. Can u tell me if I will get a good job within June ? And how will be my career life in upcoming 10years?

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