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Worried about my daughter

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      She was born on 5/1/2015 place of birth Bangalore and time is 21-50

      She is quiet rude and gets angry so easily .please tell me how her chart is regarding education . We are doing Behaviour therapy for her . I want to know when she will turn abnormal child as she beat se wry one in school and bullies them .

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      You have to be highly careful about her till the end of Jupiter Mahadasa ( May 2023 ). Thereafter she will be all right and be a normal child. Please make her follow veganism till then.

      There are many ways to embrace vegan living. Yet one thing all vegans have in common is a plant-based diet avoiding all animal foods such as meat (including fish, shellfish and insects), dairy, eggs and honey – as well as avoiding animal-derived materials, products tested on animals and places that use animals for entertainment.

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      Planetary evil can be reduced by penance.
      Parents can follow first type of penance method.
      The child can be made to follow veganism method.
      You have to follow veganism method for 2 months to cure
      your disease.
      Methods of penance—
      1.Penance means observing fast for one day in a week.
      On the day of fast ,you can eat uncooked vegetables,for
      two months.
      After two months,you have to fast for one day in a week,
      by drinking diluted lemon juice with honey.You can drink
      lemon juice(diluted) with honey ,daily 10 or 12 times.
      Prime minister Modi was doing fast for the last 30 years,
      for two days continuously in every week.
      Likewise,Mahatma Gandhi’s greatness and popularity was
      attributed to his fasting for longer periods of 20days in every
      year,in addition to small fasts very frequently.
      Sri Morarji Desai became prime minister at the age of 84.
      HIs life history shows that he was also fasting frequently,
      for longer periods
      2,Veganism method—
      You have to follow veganism method for 6months.
      Veganism means avoiding animal products.
      You have to avoid nonveg,fish,eggs,milk products for 2years.
      Milk products means milk,curd,buttermilk,tea,coffee,icecreams,
      Purity of soul is possible when you stop sweets, smoking and alcohols.

      Daily,the patient has to eat 200 gms of uncooked
      vegetables.Or the patient can cut 200 gms of uncooked vegetables
      into small pieces and add 80ml of water and put them in mixie and
      make it a smoothy and drink it unfiltered in the early morning on
      empty stomach.
      The patient can eat tiffin and meals.
      3.The person has to sit in sunlight for 10mins daily,
      with minimum clothing.
      4.Solar water has to be used daily.

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