Gana Dosha in Horoscope Matching | Gana Dosha Effects

gana dosha in horoscope matching

Gana Dosha in Horoscope Matching

In Hindu marriages, horoscopes are matched prior to finalizing a match, to ensure high compatibility in the marriage. Horoscopes are matched according to Gana Koota, which is an ancient way to ensure long, harmonious and happy unions.The matching of horoscopes by a Vedic astrologer is a time-honored ritual, undertaken by the parents of the bridegroom and the bride, before a match is fixed. The birth horoscopes, which are called the kundlis, are matched, so as to find common factors or qualities in them. Gana koota, which is one of the Ashtkootas, is utilized to assess the positive points or the Gunas in the horoscopes. Guna means a positive or favorable attribute.

In Vedic astrology, 3 types of Ganas are considered. These Ganas determine the qualities or characteristics of a person. These are very important for mental compatibility and temperament. The 3 different Ganas are:

  1. The Devata / Dev Gana
  2. The Manushya Gana
  3. The Rakshash Gana

A person’s Gana is mainly determined by the birth Nakshatra, which is the birth star, of the person. A superb match is when the bride and the groom have the same Gana. This indicates high compatibility levels. A marriage between a Dev Gana and Manushya Gana is also considered a suitable match. However, a match between a person of a Dev Gana or Manushya Gana with a person from a Rakshash Gana is avoided. A person of the Raskhasa Gana can have a harmonious marriage with another person of the same Raskhasa Gana. 

Apart from the Ganas, there are several other factors in the horoscope that are also taken into account, when matching horoscopes. The overall horoscopes are matched for compatibility, so, though the ganas may not match, the horoscopes may still be considered suitable for marriage, provided the other factors are favorable. The horoscopes are given points based on its features. A high total score means a suitable match. These days astrologer match the Gun and the Grah (planets) Milan to ascertain if the marriage is recommended or not.

Points or Gunank obtained from Gana Koota:

  1. When both horoscopes are of Dev Gana or both are of Manushya Gana or both are of Rashash Gana then the points given are 6.
  2. If one is of Dev Gana and the other of Manushya Gana the points are 5.
  3. If one is of and Rakshash Gana and the other of Manushya Gana the point is 1.
  4. If the groom’s horoscope is Dev Gana and the bride is Manushya Gana the point is 0.
  5. If the groom’s horoscope is Rakshash Gana and the bride is Dev Gana the point is 0.

When the point scored is Zero or 0 then it is what is called a Gana Dosha. Many alliances can be turned off because of Gana dosha, however some marriages are done despite Gana dosha if other factors are favorable. As told earlier Gun milan is important but Grah Milan (Matching of the Planets) is even more important during horoscope matching, and if planets are promising a good married life then marriage can be solemnized.

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Cancellation of Gana dosha

1. The are several exceptions under which despite Gana dosha marriage can be done, but only a competent astrologer has an eye to see what the stars tell. As discussed above a Good Grah Milan, that is studying the 7th house, 7th house lord and Jupiter , which is the Karka for husband and Venus the karka for marriage and married life is strong. This is most important to see if marital happiness is there in the horoscopes. You also need to look at the Rashi lords of both horoscope. Similar or friendly Rashi lords are also very important for seeing the overall compatibility.

Gana is a very important Koot because it deals with the temperamental issues. There are times many marriages fail due to severe problems created due to Gana Dosha, the both partner cannot adjust with each others temperament, nature and separate because of the relationship pressures. Problems at home force the native towards extra marital relationship and looking for companionship outside.  

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11 thoughts on “Gana Dosha in Horoscope Matching | Gana Dosha Effects

  1. I have low mangal dosh and my bf has no mangal dosh but there is gana and nadi dosh and total scores only 14 very less Pandit said no for marriage what can I do boy-Tarun 16-03-1990, place-Kapurthala,Punjab,time 11:32pm
    Girl -Sunita 16-04-1996,place Chandigarh,time 6:45am…plz help sir…

  2. Please sir, look after and suggest weather it is preferable for us to marry.
    Boy- Jayanta Singha, DOB- 30/06/1989. Time- 7:20 pm. Place- Dharmanagar, Tripura.
    Girl- Binota Sharma, Dob- 01/10/1989. Time- 8:15 pm. Place- Patherkandi, Assam.
    Please do suggest sir, and if something bad comes up, suggest solution sir

  3. Dear sir, please have a look & suggest weather suitable marriage can be possible to go ahead.
    Boy – Ankur Paul DOB 15-04-1989. TOB: 09.10 PM, POB: RAMAGUNDAM (A.P)
    Girl – Sneha Dey DOB :06.11.1990, TOB: 03.02 PM, POB: KOLKATA (W.B)

    Please do suggest / advice for any alliance possibilities as you deem fit.

    1. There is Gana dosha as Ankur belongs to Rakshasa Gana and Sneha belongs to Manushya Gana. This will bring arguments, conflicts and ego problems. The person with Rakshasa gana is dominating, and also has hot temperament. Marriage should be done after doing the Grah milan.


      Navneet Khanna

      1. Hi
        I am Gouthami P K with rakshasa gana (DOB: 28/03/1995) birth time 05:50am and boy Abhishek S Gowda with manushya gana (DOB: 26/09/1994) birth time 03:15 pm.

  4. Hi , I am girl with tula rashi having rakshas gana .Boy is mesha rashi having deva gana . We have gana koot dosh .But there is no bhakoot dosh .Please tel me if this marriage is favourable .
    Girl – 13.10.1988 08.30am
    Boy – 18.08.1984 05.15pm

  5. Hi, please look through this and suggest for a solution.
    Girl: Priyanka MC
    DOB: 11oct1993
    Timings: 01:15am
    Place: Bangalore (Karnataka)

    Boy: Rakesh Raj HL
    DOB: 29jan1993
    Timings: 08:12pm
    Place: shivmoga (Karnataka)

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