Gandanta point – The Spiritual Knot in Vedic Astrology

Gandanta point

Gandanta are astrological points studied in Vedic Astrology that are particularly connected with spiritual growth.

These points are at the junction (sandhi) between two signs and two nakshtras. For example Pisces (Revati Nakshtra) and  Aries (Ashwini Nakshatra), Cancer (Ashlesha Nakshtra) and Leo (Magha Nakshatra), Scorpio (Jyeshta Nakshtra ) and Sagittarius (Moola Nakshatra). The two signs next to each other are very different in qualities.

Gandanta Points in Vedic Astrology

Degrees Rashi Nakshatra
26º00-30:00 Pisces Revati
0º00- 3º20 Aries Ashwini
26º40-30º00 Cancer Ashlesha
0º00- 3º20 Leo Magha
26º40-30º00 Scorpio Jyeshta
0º00- 3º20 Sagittarius Mula

Gand means a Knot and anta means end. Gandanta means KNOT at the END. As you may know that a well tied up Knot is difficult to open and so if there is anyone who is born in the above Nakshatra, will face severe ups and downs in life, and that is given in many text books, the above Nakshtras are not considered as good nakshatras and bring hardship in life.  The closer the planet is to leaving the above rashi the more it is in Gandanta knot.

The Gandanta always takes place between a Fire and Water sign. Fire is known to heat water, while water is known to extinguish fire.  These are two different elements which are having inherent enmity towards each other.  A planet in first degree of Aries, out of watery Pisces has moved from totally different environment to a new environment and thus in a completely wild territory. This is applicable for most of the planet however not when a planet is in its own sign or moved into its sign of exaltation. That would apply for Jupiter being in Sagittarius and Sun in Aries. Sagittarius is the Mooltrikona sign of Jupiter and Sun is exalted in Aries.

So a Gandanta is complex point studied in a birth chart and will give different results depending upon the nakshatras and charans.  Any planet placed in the Gandanta point will face issues in regard to its house rulerships and significations.

In our journey towards higher consciousness, we pass through a testing time, which prepares our mind for the steps we need to take in the journey for our soul. If a native is born in any gandanta, it can bring you closer to spiritual transformation. Depending upon the planets which are there in these Gandanta points, these are very powerful points to give spiritual growth in your life.  They indicate a special purpose for this birth. There will be hurdles and difficulties as one moves on the path of spiritual growth, but difficulties bring humility and destruction of ego and complete submission to the supreme. Shri Paramahansa Yogananda author of the book Autobiography of a Yogi, has Mercury at 29 degrees Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra which took him to spirituality and spiritual achievements.

3 thoughts on “Gandanta point – The Spiritual Knot in Vedic Astrology

  1. if sukra is@ 0deg,15 min in dhanu(thus a difficult moolagandanta) conjunct budh@1deg,ketu@11deg; & in drushti of sani(tula 7deg)–will it make the man impotent or very low libido,mainly due to gandanta effect??no other aspects on sukra or others. pl explain. regards.

  2. Nicely described. I had always assumed that My lagnalord Jupiter being at 27° Pisces is one of the reasons why I suffered this much. But after reading in details about Gandanta, Kemadruma, Guruchandal (all of which are present but are somehow weakened/cancelled out by multiple means) I am at loss to understand what exactly has troubled me so much so far!
    Btw Sir, I have begun following the remedies you had prescribed for Kemadruma. Good day ahead.

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