Gemini and Aries – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

Gemini Aries compatibility

Gemini and Aries are sun signs that ruled by air and fire, two complementary elements that are believed to make their compatibility stronger. These two share a lot of similar beliefs and values yet they have some differences that allow their relationship to have a different perspective allowing their relationship to have a never ending spark.

Gemini and Aries – Compatibility

Both Gemini and Aries share a free-spirited, optimistic and youthful outlook on life and so you can count on this relationship to be so much fun. One of the reasons why a relationship between Aries and Gemini is bound to work for a lifetime is the fact that they both recognize the importance of personal space.

They realize that each of them is a free spirited individual and needs some alone time so they are able to stay true to who they really are. When the two reunite, they come with fresh ideas and perspectives and a whole lot of passion.

Gemini and Aries however need to be careful about how much time they both spend on their own. It is very easy for either of them to get carried away and start paying more attention to what they do as individuals instead of what they do as a couple. When this happens, it is very easy for a rift to occur between them and one partner might start feeling like they are better than their partner and deserve better or they can slowly start drifting apart.

Aries is known to be very spontaneous, adventurous and independent while Gemini is known to take action after long, considerable and logical thoughts. Therefore there are times when Aries would seem to be too wild and independent or even careless to Gemini and there are also times when Aries might find Gemini to be to stuck up.

However, if these two love birds learn to enjoy their similarities and appreciate their differences, they are going to use the similarities to make their love and union grow stronger and also use their differences to bring out the best out of each other and to keep the fireworks burning strong and bright.

Compromise and understanding are two traits that will help this union become strong and last forever. Luckily, Gemini is a very good communicator and will always try and bring sense back in the relationship when each of them has strayed too far.

Gemini and Aries – Sexual compatibility

When this two unite, you can expect passionate fireworks to fly all over. The similarity of their character and nature means that each partner understands what the other partner loves and exactly what to do to take them to the moon.

The subtle differences also mean that there is always something erotically different to expect when one partner is in charge and when they take turns.

The spirit of adventure comes in handy behind closed doors and you can count on the fact that the spark will never die down for this too and they will remain intimate for as long as they are together.

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