Gemini and Virgo – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

Gemini and Virgo compatibility

At times nature never ceases to amaze us. Many a times you may have heard the phrase that you will instantly connect with that one person that fully satisfies you. Well, this is one such perfect example. The extent to which these two are attracted to one another is astounding as you will simply see below. So, without further ado, let delve to the matter.

Virgo Woman And A Gemini Man

This is a match that will definitely seem contradictory at first. The Gemini man is normally of a vibrant nature or from the point of view of a Virgo female counterpart- quite a joke- though the Gemini man will probably not take things seriously, deep down they are sensitive in nature.

The Virgo woman on the other hand is of a more focused nature and will always try to strive and make an impact in the lives of everyone. They will always strive to correct the fault sin everyone. Unlike their partners, the Virgo woman will always ensure that their future is secured and under no circumstances will they easily succumb to love easily as a result of their cautious nature; they are more of there.

Taking into consideration that the two are completely two sides of a coin, it does not go without saying that they are most probably best suited for each other the reason for this being that their personality will complement each other and they will definitely develop quite strong bond.

A Virgo Man And A Gemini Woman

This most probably the worst of couples. The Virgo man is more of an oriented nature meaning that they will pay attention to every detail in their lives unlike their counterparts that are rather less predictable and playful.

The result of such a relationship is that lieu being a strengthening one, it will be rather a frictional one. The spontaneous nature of the Gemini woman will result to their male counterparts tiring of their company which in turn stirs daily disagreements even over the smallest issues. The unstable pair may opt to parting ways in the long run

What Are The Stakes?

The sexual compatibility is rather interesting. Taking into consideration the serious nature of Virgo and the playful or rather spontaneous nature of Gemini, both parties will definitely be attracted to each other considering their different approaches in life.

The first date is normally casual; after all, Gemini loves fun whereas Virgo is easygoing and always composed though is always keen on manners as well as attire. Unlike the fun-loving Gemini who likes to make spontaneous or rather moody decisions, Virgo will only give a relationship a chance upon exploring every angle of the relationship.

In the bedroom, Virgo is shy at first and with time, despite their serious nature and being adherent to routine always, they will consider spicing things a little bit with their partners.

Virgo and Gemini may not after all be an incompatible pair as most people may assume at first. They may just be the perfect match for each other.

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