Hanuman Mantra – Powerful Mantras for Job and Career Success

hanuman mantra for success

To be successful and rich is a dream which everyone has. Yet in spite of all the hard work that you do and the results remains as distant as the horizon. No matter how much you try success seems to evade you. There can be enormous challenges in front of you , making it difficult for you to get success. The challenges can be cut throat competition, dishonest partners or lack of finance. Doing the given below Hanuman mantra will give you long lasting success in your efforts.

Method to Chant the Hanuman Mantra

This mantra should be started on a Tuesday during the period of Shukal Paksha (Waxing Moon). You should have bath and wear clean clothes. Sit in your place of worship and keep a picture of Hanuman ji before you. Light a ghee lamp and offer vermillion and rice grains. Focus on the picture of Hanuman ji and recite mantra continuously for 108 times.

Hanuman Mantra for Job and Career Success

“Om Hanumant Veer Rakho Hadh Dheer Karo Ye Kaam Vyapar Badhe Tantra Door Hoon Toona Toote Grahak Badhe Karaj Sidh Hoye Na Hoye To Anjani Ki Duhai”

ॐ हनुमंत वीर रखो हद धीर करो ये काम व्यापार बढे तंत्र दूर हों टोना टूटे ग्राहक बढे कारज सिद्ध होय ना होय तो अञ्जनि की दुहाई ॥

Do this Hanuman Mantra regularly for 41 days for seeing good results. Doing the Hanuman Mantra will help you get success in your job and career.


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