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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Using Hypnotism to Quit Smoking: Simple, Fast, Effective

People who smoke are willing to try just about anything to quit smoking in a very anti-smoking society. Among the ways in which people want to utilize to quit smoking is hypnotism. This is a method which has been used for over 50 years by people desperate to kick the habit. Before you make the commitment to use hypnotism to quit smoking, you should know the process you will go through and how it will help you to quit smoking. This will help you to decide if hypnotism is right for you.

How Effective Is Hypnotism

The effectiveness of hypnotism actually depends on the individual. The majority of people who undergo hypnotism as a way to quit smoking are able to report years later that they have remained smoke free for the entire time right after. Others have a little more difficulty. In most cases, where people have run into difficulty, it is because they used some form of hypnotism other than that provided by a trained professional. Make sure that if you’re going to go this route that you use someone who knows how to properly hypnotize you and what to do in order to keep you from relapsing.

What Is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is nothing more than entering your mind into a state into which it is highly susceptible to suggestion. This is a low form of being asleep. The difference is you’re completely conscious when you’re under hypnosis, but you’re not aware of what is being said to you on a conscious level. This is how the hypnotist is able to offer you suggestions you can utilize to keep yourself from smoking again. The process by which you will be hypnotized is generally by utilizing a rhythmic sequence which will lull you into a different state of consciousness. For all intents, you will appear and feel as if you’re asleep, yet your mind is still switched on. This is the time in which the hypnotist will go to work.

How Proper Hypnotism Helps You Quit Smoking

While you’re under hypnotism, the hypnotist will not simply say, “don’t smoke,” and snap his fingers and you’re smoke free. Instead, before putting you under the hypnotist will interview to find out aversions you have to utilize as triggers. As you’re hypnotized, the hypnotist will suggest to you that you will think about the things you’re averse to every time you have the urge to have a cigarette. This way, you will associate cigarettes and the act of smoking with things you have a strong aversion to. You will not have an aversion to smoking per se, but you will start to associate smoking with the things you despise the most in this world. Through this, you will crave cigarettes and smoking less and less in your life. Keep in mind that these suggestions will cause a switch in your mentality when trying to make a decision about something you want in your life. Do not enter into it lightly as hypnotism is a very strong tool that can assist you to be smoke free if you want it.

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