Important Combinations in a horoscope | Lunar Yogas

Important Combinations in a horoscope | Lunar Yogas

As we know there are different yogas which play important roles in our life. The planetary position at our birth time may or may not create these yogas.The yogas can be formed within relation to Moon or Sun or there can be several other yogas impacting us.In this article I will discuss some of the yogas created with the conjunction of moon and other planets, these are also called as Lunar Yogas.

1) Sunapha Yoga: If there is a planet (except Sun) present in the 2nd house from moon /(Next house from where Moon is placed). It provides self earned property, king like status, intelligence, richness and a good reputation in society. This yoga is called as Sunapha Yoga.

2) Anapha Yoga: If there is a planet (except Sun) present in the 12th house from moon /(previous house from where moon is placed).It gives well formed organs, good appearance, reputation, politeness, dress fondness. This yoga is called as Anapha Yoga.

3) Kemudram Yoga: If there are no planets on either side of moon. This yoga is called as KemudramYoga.

4)Dhudhara Yoga: If there is a planet on either side of the moon then the person becomes owner of conveyances, very wealthy. This is called as Dhudhara yoga.  This yoga is called as DhudharaYoga

5) Gaj Kesari Yoga: If Jupiter is in Kendra from Moon(1,4,7,10). This gives a person polite and generous behaviour, builders of towns or ruler of a town, lasting reputation even after death.  This yoga is called as GajKesariYoga

6) Chandra Mangala Yoga: If Mars conjoins moon this yoga is formed. This gives money from unscurplous means, treating mother harshly.

The above gives a generic idea several other factors like conjunction with other planets , aspects will play an important role in the judgement of a horoscope.

Om Namah Shivaya !!


2 thoughts on “Important Combinations in a horoscope | Lunar Yogas

  1. Sunapha Yoga will produce full results only if there are planets exactly 30 degrees from the longitude of Moon and both Moon and the planet in the second house are fully potent and benefics by nature. Otherwise the effect of the yoga will be reduced proportionately which can sometimes even go down to 0%. And this applies to all other yogas and this has to be studied carefully to ascertain the exact extent of the yoga which will be enjoyed by the native. Just the very presence somewhere in the second house will not produce desired results.

    1. Thanks for your informative comment TMR Sir.
      Also to add, the combination should not be there in 6th 8th or 12th house otherwise the desired results should be monitored in that way as well.

      Om Namah Shivaya

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