Jupiter transit in Leo Predictions as per Indian Astrology

Jupiter transit in Leo Predictions as per Indian Astrology

Jupiter transits the zodiac sign Leo in 2015. The planet Jupiter is known for its benevolent influences and governs success, wealth, good fortune, joy, the luck factor, achievement, wisdom and comforts. Jupiter brings the good things in life and opens the doors of opportunities that can help you attain important goals.  Jupiter’s transit in Leo will impact Sagittarius which is its own sign. Jupiter in Leo will have a strong impact on Aquarius and also Aries. Jupiter will enter Leo on 15 July 2015 and will stay in Leo till August 11, 2016.  From August 13, 2015 Jupiter will be combust till September 10, 2015. This is not an auspicious period for marriages, starting new business or entering a new house.

Jupiter will become retrograde on January 09, 2016 till May 09, 2016. During the 13 months period that Jupiter transits through Leo, Jupiter will pass through Magha Nakshatra of Ketu, Poorva Phalguni of Venus and Uttraphalguni of Sun.

Read below to know more about how the transit of Jupiter in Leo will impact your life.


The transit of Jupiter is the start of an auspicious time for those with Aries as their sign. Jupiter will transit the 5th house. The influences of the transit would mean greater success in ventures, financial abundance, social connections and opportunities for growth. Promotions are in store for those employed. A deeper involvement in religion will also result from this transit.


Financial security and a luxurious life are foretold for those with Taurus as their sign. Acquiring property and other valuable assets will also be possible due to the lucky influences of Jupiter. Fame, fortune, money, peace, harmony and contentment will all come flooding into your life and stay there, as this transit is a fortunate one for you.


Your self-esteem and confidence levels will soar during this transit of Jupiter. Your travel luck is favored and short journeys will bring big results. Greater harmony in personal relationships is also predicted during this period. In all, joyous times, fame, fortune and financial gains are what you can look forward to and count on.


Your savings and investments will multiply during this transit period. You will have plenty of money to afford the luxuries of life. A ceremony of some kind, be it a house warming, a marriage or the birth of a child, will give you a reason to celebrate and be happy. You will leave the competition behind as you make substantial gains in your career or business. This is also a fortunate period for romance; your romantic relationship will be a source of joy and happiness.


For those with Leo as their sign, this transit will fill you with a feeling of well being and contentment. Financially you will be blessed and your income will surpass your expectations. There will be times for celebrations within your family; this will have you spending enjoyable moments with friends and family.


Give careful thought to where you are headed in life, during this time, and all will be well. Keep one step ahead of your competitors by not being impulsive in your actions or words. This transit may try your patience at times, believing in yourself and in your ideas will see you through this phase and bring you success in the long run.


This transit will give your energy levels a big boost. You will use this energy to live your life to the fullest and to achieve your goals. You may feel philosophical at times, as Jupiter’s influence will increase your interest in spiritualism. Success and enjoyment with family and friends are predicted during this period.


You will prosper and your business will flourish as this transit is an auspicious one for you. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and you will think of ways to grow and expand your business. Travel will be highly successful. A promotion is also waiting to happen for those employed, during this time.


Your luck factor will develop overnight and leave you pleasantly surprised. Your confidence will get a boost as a result of your enhanced luck. You will see the positive impact of Jupiter in every aspect of your life. You will feel strongly inclined towards spiritual activities and will take up meditation during this phase.


You will benefit financially from an inheritance or from some unexpected source. The occult will interest you during the transit of Jupiter. Be independent in your thoughts, decisions and actions and fortune will smile at you.


This will be a period of great good fortune and your cherished hopes and dreams will manifest at this time. You will leave the past behind and things that have bothered you, in the past, will become ancient history. Your marriage luck is enhanced during this time; you will cross paths with your dream partner, as a result of Jupiter’s transit.


This will be a lucky period for you. You will achieve your goals through hard work and proper planning. Maintain harmony in your life by avoiding disputes. If you are involved in any pending court cases, the ruling will be in your favor. Be careful of who you trust during this transit.

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