Learn Astrology – Understanding Planets and their Meaning

Astrology Planets Meanings

The nine planets have their own influence on our psychological aspects. They have their own set of action, initiation, and energy that is to act or to be acted upon. They are responsible to a great extent for the changes in our character and motivations. There is an equivalent zodiac sign to each of these planets. Here’s a brief of each of the qualities of the nine planets.


Sun talks about the core of a person. It is known as the bright identity of one’s inner self. It defines what the rest of the world sees about you. Sun rules in your life where your self-expression will come out. It is the fieriest star in the sky that determines your Sun sign or your ascendant sign. The Sun rules the Fire Sign of Leo in the fifth house.


Moon represents the emotional side of the person. It is luminous and can hide itself at times. It is responsible for the receptivity and imagination of the person. It influences the sense of rhythm, timing, and adaptability to change, mobility and versatility.  Cancer is the sign ruled by moon and it rules the fourth house.


Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and also the sixth house. Mercury rules the mind, and the way you communicate and express. It is quick, busy, and active. It decides some factors of life such as short journeys, communication skills, transportation and thought flow process. It is responsible for the intellectuals of a person.


Venus is the Goddess of Love. It is known as a sensuous planet. It can influence the relationships, eroticism, love life and even money matters. It rules Taurus and Libra sign. It is also known as a planet that influences beauty, pleasure, and aesthetic awareness.


This is the planet that provides you all the energy and zest in life. You will have passion towards whatever area of life that Mars influences. It also describes the readiness for action and aggression in you. It determines your drive for sex and ambition. It rules sign Aries and Scorpio.


It represents the individuality of the person. It is always associated with luck and good fortune. It fills your life with optimism, hope and a sense of justice. It is known as the optimistic benevolent planet. It rules the Sagittarius and Pisces. It also rules the ninth and the twelfth house.


Saturn represents the Karma or lessons learnt. It shows in reality what would be our limits. It sets the parameters on what rules we would be able to follow in life and to what extent. It’s all about endurance and the power within us. It lends qualities like earnestness, caution and reserve. It is associated with sign Capricorn and Aquarius.


It defines the deep insights of your life. It is known to crackle or pop during unexpected times. It also represents some hidden talent in you. It is always about something exceptional and unconventional.


Neptune is always related to pseudo-reality. It is a highly spiritual planet that will show an interest towards perceptions, illusions and mystical experiences in life.


Pluto is known as the trans-formative planet. Death, rebirth, radical changes in life are some of its specialties.


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