Nadi Dosha Remedies Solution for Marriage

nadi dosha


What is Nadi in Horoscope Matching– There are 8 kootas and Nadi is the last koot and the most important Koota in Horoscope matching or Kundli milan. Nadi importance can be seen from the fact that is has the highest score in Ashtkoot Guna milan. Nadi in simple words means pulse. The pulse is indicative of heart beat or nervous energy. As per Ayurveda Sastra Nadi indicates the three humours Vaatha Nadi, Pitha Nadi and Sleshma Nadi.

Vaatha Nadi reveals mind or gas (causing gastric problems) Pitha Nadi indicates bile (excessive secretion of bile) Sleshma Nadi indicates phlegm (cold and phlegm formation in the chest).

The three Nadis are classified as Adi Nadi (beginning) Madhya Nadi (Middle) and Anthya Nadi (ending or last part). They are also named as Dhakshina Nadi, Madyama Nadi and Uthara Nadi. The 27 Nakshatras are divided into 3 Nadis.

 Adi Nadi Madhya Nadi Antya Nadi
Jyestha Pushya Swati
Uttrphalguni Mrigasira Vishakha
Hasta Chitra Krittika
Adra Anuradha Rohini
Punarvasu Bharni Ashlesha
Shatbhisa Dhanistha Magha
Purvabhadrapad Purvashada Uttrashada
Ashwini Purvaphalguni Shravana
Moola Uttrabhadrapad Revati



If the boy and the girl have same Nadi they form the Nadi dosha, and this dosha is never good for marital happiness. The birth stars of girl and boy must not be in the same Nadi. For a good and happy marriage, the Nadi of the boy and the girl should be different. During horoscope matching If the Nakshatras of girl and boy are in different Nadis, matching can be done. If they are in the same Nadi, it means Nadi dosha is there and marriage matching should be completely avoided. Especially if there is Nadi Paad Vedha, marriage should be avoided as otherwise, it will cause separation, insanity or even death.


Nadi Dosha Remedies Solution for Marriage

In the above example, we see both partners have Madhya Nadi. That is why you see Zero (0) in front of 8 which is the maximum score of Nadi in Ashtkoot Guna Milan. As the score is Zero it means NADI DOSHA is there.



On the Internet, you will find many inappropriate Nadi dosha remedies for Nadi dosha cancellation, the reason is that there is no actual Nadi dosha remedy as such. So they will ask you to donate Cow, donate Gold, or make heafty donations to Brahmins. Some will ask you to do Nadi dosha Nivaran puja, or others will do Mahamritunjaya Path. For this also, you will need to pay a handsome amount to Brahmins. The cost of these Puja can be around Rs 50,000 or even few lacs. Gold today is Rs 60000 for 10 grams. So you can imagine whom they will benefit.

Trust me these are just general pujas and donations, and they have no real relevance with actually how Nadi dosha works. I mean you are seeking Divine Blessings, there is nothing wrong with it. But actually, Horoscope and Astrology are very much like Maths and there is a lot of Logic and calculations behind it. So logically speaking, the donations like donating Gold or a Cow, do not have a real logical explanation.    



The only appropriate Nadi dosha Remedy is to check for Nadi Paad Vedha.  Like I said that the remedies given by the Brahmins are only serving their own interest, which are Puja and Path. You know the way Bith Charts / Horoscopes / Kundali is made, it has a lot of calculations and Maths, so you need to check Nadi dosha cancelation logically by doing the same maths. You need to go back to how Nadi dosha is getting formed and check if there is Nadi Paad Vedha coming or Not.  If there is Nadi Paad Vedha then marriage is not recommended. If no Nadi Paad Vedha then marriage can be considered and Nadi dosha bad affects will not come.

My experience and knowledge tells me that Nadi Dosha Nivaran Path or Mahamritunjaya Path (1,25,000 times recitation) which is recommended by many as Nadi dosha remedies is actually no remedy for Nadi dosha. You have to understand that puja is only recommended when Nadi dosha does not get cancelled. The very purpose of any Puja is to seek the blessings of the Almighty God. It does not cancel Nadi dosha in any way, because Nadi dosha is formed based upon your birth chart. Even after doing the Nadi Dosha Nivaran Puja  your horoscope or Birth chart does not change. So the most effective Nadi Dosha Remedies / Remedy is to go to the roots of how Nadi dosha is formed and check at the base level if Nadi dosha gets cancelled. Nadi Dosha cancellation can be checked only by checking NADI PAAD VEDHA.



Nadi Paad Vedha is the arithmetic of how Nadi dosha is formed. Trust me it is the only genuine Nadi dosha Solution of Nadi Dosha. When the numbers are not matching, it is considered that Nadi dosha is cancelled. Like I told you that If there is no Nadi Paad Vedha, then the marriage can be solemnized as it indicates that it is not a complete Nadi dosha. That means that Nadi dosha malefic effects will not be coming in the marriage. This is the most effective remedy for Nadi dosha. Many astrologers and pundits avoid checking Paad Vedha as they do not know how to check and also it is very time-consuming.



Some people get confused and relate Nadi to Blood Groups as they do not understand Nadi dosha and how it is formed. Yes Nadi dosha has a link with Ayurveda as indicated above, so they feel that if there is different blood groups then the marriage can be done even if Nadi dosha is there. This is totally incorrect, even if there are different blood groups of the boy and girl, if there is Nadi dosha in the horoscope matching, marriage should only take place if there is no Nadi Paad Vedha. Even if the boy and the girl are having different blood groups, if there is Nadi Paad Vedha, marriage is completely restricted.

I’m sure you must have understood about Nadi Dosha remedies by now. As Nadis are related to the health, happiness, and longevity of the couple, importance should be given to checking Nadi Dosha Cancellation. Nadi Dosha not only ruins happiness and prosperity but even cause health issues.

Nadi Matching is important for every couple who intends to have a blissful and happy marriage. Hence Nadi Koota agreement should be obtained before matching.

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