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Hindu calendar also known as Panchang is traditionally used in Hinduism for looking at auspicious moments. Panchang is ancient Hindu calendar that helps to identify best days and times of each month. Not to forget that these are Hindu months and not months belonging as per English calendar.

Hindu calendar basically followers the Moon and not the Sun, therefore we have tithi which are the lunar dates. With a Panchang it is easy to know the dates for keeping vrat, Hindu festivals, auspicious days, prohibited days, tithi, vara, nakshatra, yoga, karana, hora, chogadia, rahu kaalam, sunrise, sunset and many other things.


Monthly panchang is one of the most popular reference manual for pundits and astrologers and also those people who rely on planetary positions to determine important activities. Panchang is based on lunar months corresponding to the phases of the moon.

Hindu all over the world consult Panchang to see ‘Shubh Muhurat’ or auspicious times to do important tasks in their life. It can be Job interview, Marriage, Investments, beginning of any spiritual activity.

It is practice of Hindu people that they refer panchang for start of their day or work. Astrologers and pundits find auspicious dates and times for rituals and for other occasion by referring panchang only.

Given below are Monthly Calendar with important days of the Hindu Month.

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