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signs a taurus man likes you

Taurus man is hopelessly romantic and yet very quiet at the initial days. It is a bit hard to tell if a Taurus man likes you or not! But with the help of a steady and practical approach, you can easily find out his secrets. Taurus man is passionate and sensual but these qualities he hid beneath his stoic exterior.  If you are dating a Taurus man and you want to know whether he likes you truly or not, here with the help of these signs you can discover his interest in you.

 Clear signs a Taurus man likes you – 

He will have a continuous update about your daily schedules and routines

If a Taurus man likes you truly he will like to get to know about your daily schedules and routines. He will never take any bold action in love instead he is very subtle. To gain your attention and affection he will surprise you with unexpected things in your life. For example, he will drop you at the bus stop, pick you from the office and he will make as much as possible appearance to gain your attention. He is a bit shy to talk to you about the relationship directly but he will admire you lot before making the first move. Feel free to accept his admiration as a compliment. This is one of the most important signs that confirm Taurus man is in love with you. Through this subtle way, he is expressing his interest and love on you.

He will open up when around you

If a Taurus man is in love with you he wants to get your attention for sure. If a Taurus man bolsters his confidence and steps into the first move he is chasing you for sure. When you are around he will talk louder to his friends and manage to confirm his presence when you are around. He will select a very interesting topic to gain your attention. He spends quality time to know more about you and your interests. If he is opening up then it is a sure sign that he is in love with you.

He will take you very serious

This is an obvious sign confirms a Taurus man likes you, the Taurus men are very well known for their pragmatic and practical approach towards life. he will extend this approach to you if he is in love with you. He will take extra effort to listen to you and he will value your opinion, likes, dislikes, and ambition. He will remember each word that comes from your side if you are saying poetry or something important from your heart. He will never forget a single phrase that you said. 

He is sensual and physically affectionate

Taurus is the earth sign and the Taurus men are known for indulgence in sensual and physical pleasures. If the Taurus man is interested in you he will massage your shoulders and holds your hand. He will find time to be alone with you so that he can easily steal your kiss and indulge in romantic activities. Of course, he is shy so it will take a few tries to make a bold first move.

He wishes to share his luxury lifestyle with you

`Taurus man wishes to show that he has a wonderful taste for luxurious things in his life. He will invite you for the fancy date night and shows his financial ability to you. He loves to show an expensive time for you. If a Taurus man likes you sure he will share his posh lifestyle to you. He will take you to the nice dinner date, the gift you lavish jewelry and love to ride. This zodiac sign is known for giving high priority to comfort and luxury.

He will be shy and feel awkward around you

In the beginning, Taurus is a little shy type but once they get closer to you they are deep and romantic. This is the super obvious sign of Taurus man that confirms he is in love with you.

He will impress you a lot

Taurus man tries really hard to impress you with his thoughtful compliments. His only intention is to win your heart by showing that he is paying more attention even to the minute details. He will shower his romantic interest with respect. Sure he will tell you how beautiful you are each time when you both meet each other. His thoughtful compliments will impress you a lot. This star sign is very well known for perfection.

Apart from the thoughtful compliments, he will gift you more chocolates and flowers like an admirer. Since he never knows how you feel about him, he will play a safe game with you.

He wants you so much

This is another confirmation sign that Taurus man likes you more. he wishes to spend his maximum time with you. He always focuses on developing a lasting and strong relationship with you. He also expects lots of attention from you to boost his confidence in growing romance in the relationship. He is also possessive in nature and he will make you feel special when you both are spending time together.

He will concern with your financial well-being

When Taurus man is seriously in love with you he will take your finances into consideration. He will pay your bills, he will file your taxes, etc. this zodiac sign is associated with more finances and resources, he will not judgmental in financial decisions instead he is supportive.


In the beginning stages, you may feel a little slow and you have no guesses that where the relationship is heading to but once it sets well you will become a queen in his life. If you are in love with the Taurus man just be slow and steady to win the race with Taurus man. Contact us to know more about the signs that Taurus man is in love with you.


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