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Signs a Gemini Man Likes You

Like a Gemini Man – Signs that a Gemini Man also likes you

Gemini men are charming and fun-loving when you think about Gemini man the first thing that comes to your mind is that they are spontaneous and charming men. Of all the Zodiac signs Gemini men are very well known for their fun-loving nature and most of the people claim that they are childish. This is due to the curiosity they have on the people and the things around them. It is really very difficult for you to determine whether he is in love with you truly or he just has a crush on you for a moment.

Signs that determine Gemini man is attracted to you

You may have doubts about the Gemini man based on his nature that still he likes you more than a friend or not. Read the following signs of Gemini man to decide whether he is in love with you seriously or not. These following signs will really help you to figure out his secret.

He is sweet and romantic: this may be the first and most important hint that Gemini guy wanting to chase you. He will show extreme affection and he will be very sweet towards you if he is in love with you. When you both are out for dinner date or something else he will treat you in a gentle manner. Such as pulling out the chair for you, gifting flowers and gifts for you and he shows extreme care and affection on you. Every day will be a valentine’s day if you are in love with a Gemini man.

He takes pleasure in communicating with you: he will never keep any secret, Gemini is ruled by mercury and communicating is the prominent trait of this sign. He will let out everything that he feels about you. if a Gemini man sees or hears something fun or attractive about you definitely he will find possible ways to express it. Even when you are sad and don’t say a single word he will easily understand that you are sad or confused about the things. Finally, he will come up with good stories that make you more comfortable and happy. In case Gemini man likes you only as a friend he will not open up personally to you.

He loves to experience everything with you: as discussed above Gemini man is very curious about everything and everyone. He loves to experience everything along with you especially when it comes to relationships. In other words, Gemini man suggests you do new things, adventures such as trekking, surfing, rock climbing, etc. he expects to with you always. If you are in love with the Gemini guy get ready for more adventures. He will really love you more if you agree to anything or accept any challenge for the things that you have never done before.

He showers you with attractive gifts

This is one of the most important and attractive things that every girl loves in guys. No girl will say no to gifts. If the Gemini man is in love with you he will give you more surprise gifts. He will attract you with different kinds of presents and he never needs any reason to gift you or to keep you happy. He will make you feel loved every day.  Every day is a new day for you if you are in love with a Gemini man. He will never come with empty hands to meet you. He is an extremely innovative person sometimes he can come with creative handmade gifts for you. so from now on if your Gemini boyfriend comes with gifts to see you, he is expecting more than a friendship from you.

He spends all his time for you: if a Gemini man is interested in you, he will spend all of his time with you. He will stay with you whenever he has time. In case if you cannot spend time with him just he will be around you and all he wants is he should spend more time if he really loves you. You cannot expect this from the Gemini guy if he is not in love with you.

He always makes deep and meaningful conversations: Gemini man’s main strength is communication, so you must be his girl that he feels comfortable talking to you deeply. If he reveals his important things to you, it means you are special to him. Whenever he talks to you he will make very deep and meaning full conversations. if the Gemini man loves to talk more about things to you or if he shares something important to you then it means he is chasing you.

His eyes speak volumes: his eyes speak more; his eyes express what he really thinks about you from inside. If you are in love with the Gemini man, never ignore his stare because sometimes his eyes speak more than words.


In the beginning, Gemini man seems like a talkative, childish, social worm but these guys are just amazing. They will do anything for the person whom they are in love with. Due to the curious nature, they can easily adapt or change to things easily. They will easily welcome new things to their life.  Gemini men are travel bugs if a Gemini man loves you get ready to travel more. They are adventurous so you will have a great chance to experience more adventures ahead.

In terms of compatibility Gemini man and Gemini woman can have a good relationship. They will enjoy a romantic relationship if they are paired together. If you know the secrets of Gemini man before dating him, it will be a greater advantage for you to build a strong relationship. You can easily realize the difference in his behavior if you read him well. With these behavior you can easily figure out whether the Gemini man is in love with you or not.

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