What is Single Card Tarot Reading – How to Do it Guide

single card tarot reading

Single Card Tarot card reading requires a lot of intuition and an ability to look beyond what is visible. If you are learning to become a reader or you plan to use the skills to sort out your own life, you need to learn about one card reading. It can help you dig deeper to find out the meaning of life’s questions that have been evading you for a long time.

Every card can be interpreted in multiple ways. Therefore, when it comes down to one card reading, you have to be open to finding multiple answers with just one question, one card.

Single Card Tarot Reading – How to do it?

One or Single Card Tarot reading is precise. You have just one chance, one question to ask. So, you have to focus and ask a clear question. Before the session, prepare your space and work to focus on your thoughts. Shuffle your cards, and when you are ready, deal with just one card. You may feel the urge to deal more cards to clarify what you are seeing but resist it. Looking at more than one card may confuse you and complicate your session.

Hold the card in your hand, or place it in front of you and meditate. Free your mind of other thoughts. Let the meaning of the card come to you, do not resist the initial thoughts, let them build. To perform a one-card reading, always pick your most familiar or favorite deck and follow up with your preferred shuffling method.

When you pick a card, it will be best to start with the basics such as if the card is inverted or upright, what is the common meaning of the card and what’s the artwork on it. An upright card points towards the card’s original meaning while the inverted card points towards the opposite of it. When you focus on the artwork, consider both the literal and symbolic meanings.

Now, everything comes down to your ability to direct your thoughts in the right direction. You might need days of preparation to make sure you get the right meaning of the card. It becomes even more important to be right when you are reading for someone else. Following are some things you can do to have a good experience.

  1. Daily Meditation

Daily meditation is important for learning Single card Tarot Reading. What’s better is practicing one card reading after a good few minutes of meditation. Start your day by calming your mind and meditating. Clear your thoughts and pick a card. Focus on its meaning and get on with your day. Keep your mind open for the meaning of the card throughout your day. Your daily session will prepare you for your one card reading with the client and will also provide you with a message for the day or maybe a warning.

  1. Learn to ask precise questions

A one-card reading is just about a yes or a no. So, you will have to learn to work your question in a way that so that a yes/no may suffice the answer. In the days leading upto your reading day, as you practice every morning, practice phrasing your questions. Without this crucial practice, you may easily lose your direction in one card reading.

A one card or single card reading is different from a normal tarot reading session. It needs more focus and an extra sense of awareness. Most of all it needs practice. If you want to do it, prepare for it. If you are looking for a Single Card Tarot reading, you must choose an experienced reader who knows how to take advantage of one card to get you the answer you need. Visit this link for your reading, https://observer.com/2020/12/tarot-card-reading-online/.


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