Success in Business as per Vedic astrology

Business success as per astrology

How to know is there a chance for you to become a successful businessman?

People before stepping into the business world will have many queries revolving around their minds. The first thing that strikes their mind is “can I become a good and successful businessman”. Business is the most fortunate thing that will happen to only a few people who are really talented as well as carry good luck. Everyone cannot become a successful businessman; well there are people who struggle day and night to develop their business. Somewhere they will lose everything because of destiny, poor business yoga in Kundli and lack of luck in their life.

On the other hand, there are few people who will make huge success in their business with very fewer efforts. These types of people have good business yoga in their Kundli. Whatever they touch it will be successful and they will become king in their business. Well, do you want to know about your fortune in business? Here are a few tips to know if you will be a successful businessman with the help of your birth chart. In this article, you will know if you can be successful in business with the help of Vedic astrology.

How to Ascertain Success in Business as per Vedic astrology

Once an individual completes his/her education it is really very difficult to choose between business and job. With the help of astrology, you can easily choose the right path in your career. There are some amazing astrology combinations in the birth chart that will help you to find out your business yoga. Even with the help of astrology, you can also choose which business suits you well and gives you more profit. The individual can shine well in his life if he chooses the perfect career according to horoscope.

Houses influence the business career

  • The 10th house in the birth chart shows the person’s career development. The aspecting or lord of the 10th planet in Navamsha. The aspecting planets or the Graha Dhristhi of 10th house is very important for business growth and development. This house is also responsible for achieving more rewards, fame, name and social status, etc. this is one of the strongest Kendra houses in the natal chart.
  • Apart from the 10th house the 6th and 7th houses in the natal chart are equally important. The 6th house is called Upachaya House and Artha Trikona, this house is not only indicates job or business it also shows about the obstacles that the person will face. The Malefic planet in the 6th house gives the person the ability to fight and overcome the obstacles. The 7th house is the second important house in the natal chart that shows business
  • The 2nd and the 11th house in the Kundli shows financial When a person wants to achieve great success in business he/she needs the blessings from the Lords of 2nd and 11th house. If there are multiple planets located in the 2nd and 11th house the person can become successful in business.
  • The 3rd house in the Kundli indicates courage and inventiveness. This house gives the person to overcome any type of struggle in any difficult situation. The malefic planets in the 3rd house are really helpful.
  • Lagna is very important because without Lagna you cannot even think about entering into business. Business is a kind of risk-taking a job where you need to take immediate decisions and should be independent. If the Lagna is strong you will be blessed with good physical health which is very important to develop the business in a successful way. So Lagna and Lagna Lord are really very important and should be strong.

Important planets for achieving success in business

  • Another planet important for success in business is the moon. Moon is responsible for mental strength which is also an important factor for earning more wealth. Mental health is really important for any businessman. Taking the right decision at the right time makes the most successful businessman. Focusing on goals and will power to reach the goal is impossible if the moon is not strong.
  • Sun is the next important planet after the moon. If the sun is weak it defines that the person is less energetic. The person with the weak sun cannot be physically fit enough for the long This will create obstacles in taking challenging tasks. The strong sun represents power, recognition and the person will become ruler.
  • Mercury is the next planet that defines the person’s intelligence, financial aspects, and a logical Being logical is really very important than being emotional to become a successful businessman.
  • Jupiter is the most important planet and natural Karaka for becoming wealthier. So Jupiter should be strong in the birth chart.

The most important astrological combinations for success in business

  • planet concentration around the 10th house or ascendant will strengthen these houses. The 10th house develops independence and self-confidence in a person. This house should be analyzed well before stepping into the business.
  • The 7th house should be stronger than the 6th in detail, the astakvarga points of the 7th house should be more than the 6th house. in addition, there should be more planets in the 7th house.
  • The natal chart of the person must have good dhana yoga as well as raja yoga. Business is directly related to creating money therefore Dhana and raja yoga should be analyzed well to become a successful businessman.
  • 3rd house in the birth chart is the initiative house and the planet Mars indicates self-efforts of the person. The relation between 3rd house lord with 10th house and 9th house or 9th house lord with Mars will make the person a successful businessman. These combinations are the most important astrological combinations to decide the business future of the person.


When you decide to continue your career as a businessman you must be ready for risk-taking jobs. In case if you choose a job it is secure and risks free. Well, in business you must be very careful; though you are confident about yourself you must take a look at your planetary positions. Why because sometimes if the planetary positions and combinations can make a huge changes in your life in both a positive and negative ways. Therefore before stepping into the business consult the astrologer and know more about your astrological combinations to become a successful businessman. If you want to step into the business and want to know more about the astrological combinations and your fortune you can contact us.

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