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Powerful Durga Mantra for Wealth – दुर्गा सप्तशती मंत्र

durga saptashati mantra

जीवन की हर बाधा दूर करने का सरल मंत्र. दुर्गा सप्तशती मंत्र हर बाधा निवारण के लिए. ये मंत्र  सौभाग्य, शुख शांति व धन के लिए जपें यह देवी मंत्र. धन के लिए दुर्गा  मंत्र दुर्गा सप्तशती मंत्र  Powerful Mantra for Wealth. Mantra for Career. Mantra for getting job. Mantra for luck. daily mantra for success. Mantra For having Son.   ...

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Improve your money and wealth with this lakshmi mantra

Lakshmi Mantra

Goddess Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess that bestows wealth and prosperity on her followers.  Chanting a mantra that is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi helps in bringing in good luck, wealth and fortune. What is a Mantra: A mantra is a collection of sounds or words that creates a vibration or an aura that attracts the desired effects from the universal energy. ...

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mantra for wealth and prosperity in Hindi

mantra for wealth

Mantra for Wealth and Prosperity in Hindi धन लाभ एवं समृद्धि के लिए महालक्ष्मी मंत्र   विधि- शनिवार को आधी रात में उल्लिखित मंत्र का 1008 बार जाप करें। 22 दिन उक्त विधि करने पर सिद्ध होगा। 23वें दिन इस मंत्र से 2008 बार आहुतियां देकर हवन करें तो यह मंत्र चमत्कारिक रूप से सद्यः फल देने वाला होगा- ऐसा ...

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Mantra for Wealth and Prosperity in Hindi

mantra for wealth and prosperity

This is one of the best Mantra for Wealth and prosperity. This Mantra is strong to give immediate results. However you need to do the Mantra properly to get its benefits. Vidhi or procedure for doing this Mantra: Beginning Saturday Midnight this Mantra for Wealth may be recited for 1008 times for 22 days. On the 23 days recite this mantra ...

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