Taurus and Leo – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

taurus leo compatibility

This match is defined by a flamboyant, joyful and loving relationship. The Taurus is a born lover who loves the finer things in life while a Leo is regal by nature. This relationship mimics the European kings and their sexy and sophisticated courtesans.

Taurus and Leo Compatibility

These two are both very demanding personalities and expect a great deal from each other with Taurus insisting on a very comfortable lifestyle and Leo insisting on being adored. Although these two enjoy living the high life, they make a very good ‘marriage of convenience’ as they are both able to fulfill each other’s material needs.

When Taurus and Leo are genuinely in love, their union can be scorching hot with Leo adoring Taurus’ sensuality and intimacy while Taurus loves the fact that Leo can make him/ her feel extremely special.

Taurus is a sign of love and Leo is a sign of life and this match form the word go is off to a very good start. Loyalty and fidelity are very important attributes to this relationship, though comfort and luxury also play a pivotal role in the relationship.

Considering the fact that both Taurus and Leo are fixed signs, change can be quite a difficult thing to process especially owing to Taurus’ pigheadedness and Leo’s pride. This however means that these two will stick to their relationship even when faced by tough times and even when the relationship becomes toxic and destructive.

Admitting that one is in the wrong is very hard for these two. Even the greatest compatibility for Taurus and Leo will not save them from the drawn out and painful breakdown, should they both reach their wits’ end.

However, this heartbreak can be avoided by understanding each other. The first thing is to appreciate that both Taurus and Leo are very willful and each one wants to do things the best way they know how. And will manipulate, sulk and refuse to do things any other way.

Even when one partner chooses to compromise, carrying a grudge is a specialty of these two signs and it will be very hard to talk about the problem. Leo’s fire can scorch earth to the point that Taurus will no longer be able to take in Leo’s fiery passions and will simply to go back to simple and stable life. However, Taurus can also quench out the fire and have a calming effect on Leo.

Taurus and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Leo has a great enthusiasm for life and is very passionate. Taurus on the other hand is very gently and sensual and so these two can have a very hot compatibility in bed especially after heated arguments.

Role play will come in handy in enjoying both worlds and this usually brings in a deeper appreciation for each other. Things like a Taurus partnering spoiling their Leo partner with great gifts will add to the fire o of their romance and the appreciation hat comes from Leo will sure cause fireworks in the bed room.

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