Jupiter in Libra: Period of New Cooperation and Harmonizing Relationship

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter the spiritual planet, which bestows luck and fortune, enters Libra, the masculine and airy sign of Venus on 12th September 2017. Jupiter will remain in Libra till 12 October 2018. During this period Jupiter will transit through Chitra, Swati and Vishakha Nakshatra.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. Jupiter as is seen in the horoscope is a planet which enlarges our vision, our potential and brings about a meaning and purpose in our life.  It is the planet of deeper knowledge and helps us expand our horizon of thoughts.  Jupiter does not believe in limitations and any kind of restrictions that is why it is referred as the planet of expansion.  The influence of Jupiter is all about growth, exploration and deeper meaning in life.

When Jupiter transits Libra the male and airy sign of planet Venus, whose symbol is the scale, the cosmic energy is gearing up for balancing things like never before. Jupiter in Libra encourages partnerships. We focused more on building peace, harmony and compromise. We move away from our rigid position and are willing to make adjustments and believe that the only way forward can be with peace. We want to leave aside conflicts of all kind and make efforts to live a life in peace and harmony, even if we need to make some modifications.

In pursuit of reaching our goals, we accept things which were never acceptable to us.  We alter our position and accept new ideas. Jupiter in Libra makes us fair –minded and we leave the position of selfness and look at moving along with others.

The influence of Jupiter Transit in Libra will push us to value people and relationships. We look at exploring new opportunities by working together.  It is all about breaking all traditions and barriers and doing things in a new way. Now is the period when we are willing to be a follower rather than be in a role of a leader. During this period, words of appreciation from others would mean a lot.  As we move the path of collaboration, the joy derived by working as a team is enormous. It may be school projects, community work or business partnerships. We benefit from cooperation, teamwork and harmonizing relationship.

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