What is Astrology – Does Astrology Really Work

does astrology really work

What would you do if you knew your future? Would you just accept it as fate? Or would you try to change it? These questions (and many more) pop up in our minds whenever we consider going for a reading to see into our future. To a degree, every single one of us is interested in knowing the future. Some want to change it; others just want to kill their curiosity. Whatever your incentive is, it all comes down to one thing- What would you do if you knew? With the use of astrology, now you can answer that question.

Astrology can be defined as the study of the movements and positions of stars, planets and other celestial objects and their usage in divining information about human behaviour, relationships and about terrestrial events. Although commonly associated with horoscopes, there are various forms of astrology depending on the country or religious beliefs. Some of these forms of astrology are Western astrology, Chinese and East Asian astrology, and Hindu astrology.

A common method of making predictions using astrology is the horoscope. It was developed in Egypt. Its predictions are based on a visual representation of heavenly bodies or of heaven, which is known as the 12 houses. This visual representation or what we call a Horoscope is a diagram or chart of the 12 zodiac signs and planets, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter etc.  The Astrologer reads the planetary alignments, astrological aspects, the conjunctions before making predictions.

Astrology is subdivided into 3 Forms:


  • Natal astrology: Also known as genethliacal astrology, this form of astrology is based upon constructing a natal chart as per the exact date, time, and locations of that native birth. The chart is constructed by taking date, time and longitude and latitude of the place of birth. Jyotish or the Indian astrology, Western astrology follow this system.
  • Mundane astrology: This system of astrology is used to predict things like weather, elections, bombings, assassinations, horoscope of countries, cities, business organizations etc.
  • Horary astrology: There exists a form of astrology known as horary astrology. Date, Time and place of birth are not necessary in this case. If the native does not have birth details or the accuracy of the birth chart is under question, then Horary astrology can be used for making predictions.

In Horary the astrologer takes the time of asking the question to draw the chart. This method has proven to be very accurate for making predictions using astrology.

It is very much possible to predict the future using astrology, however, the accuracy of the prediction will depend upon the accuracy of the birth chart and knowledge of the astrologer.

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