Zodiac Signs and the Food they like to Eat

Zodiac Signs and the Food they like to Eat

There are some people who savor the fine dining experience, while there are others who never seem to tire of digging into yet another burger. What you eat is a matter of taste, of course, but there is also a belief that your zodiac sign, in fact, determines your preferences and makes you predisposed to liking certain types of food. Here is a look at the foods that are preferred by those belonging to each sign of the zodiac and the food choices each can make when looking to eat healthy.


Find out what food you should be eating according to your zodiac sign.


The Aries sign makes a person a huge junk food fan. Giant sized burgers, washed down with beer or a cola is, for an Aries, a delicious meal. When you are an Aries, all these calorie packed meals could mean you need to focus on eating healthy to get back in great shape. While you may be reluctant to give up on your favorite burgers and pizzas just yet, you can, ever so often, pack lunch from home and carry it to work. Alternatively, you can set certain days of the week when you will give junk food the miss and nibble on a healthy salad instead.


A pronounced sweet tooth is what those from the Taurus sun sign have. Cakes, ice-creams, crepes, a Taurus will have these to the excess and then reach for just one more helping. When you are a Taurus, all the sugary stuff can expand your girth and getting in shape may start to play on your mind. Exercise and cutting back on calorie laden sweets, plus adding more veggies, as well as fruits to your daily diet can make you feel healthy and shed some of the excess weight.


Those for the Gemini sun sign have a passion for eating all types of food. When you are a Gemini, you will polish off a pizza with as much relish as you will enjoy having a wholesome home cooked meal. Not the type to eat large portions of food at a time, you usually evade the great battle of the bulge. Yet, you may enjoy the caffeine kick way too much and go overboard with your intake of beverages that contain caffeine, be it a mug of coffee or a extra large serving of cola. Once you limit this, and focus on eating a balanced diet, you are on their way to following healthy dietary habits.


The cancer sun sign has a weakness for all things sweet, much as the way those from the Taurus sign do. When you are a Cancer you will also be most likely to reach for a chilled beer, when drinking a tall glass of water would do. You may also have a general resistance to eating vegetables and have not much liking for fruits. To get in top shape, the Cancer person would do well to limit the intake of sugary treats. You should also increase your daily intake of water, and introduce more fruits and vegetables in your everyday meals.


French fries and all other things deep fried are things that the Leo sun sign finds irresistible. Yet, the cholesterol level and heart health can cause health scares at some point of a Leo’s life. To eat healthy, a Leo can introduce minor changes in their diet. When you are a Leo, brown rice instead of white, the same with bread, as also changing the manner in which you cook food can mean leaps of positive change. Choosing to boil food instead of frying, skipping the butter on bread can all translate to better health.


Already particular about what you eat, as a Virgo sign, you are health conscious. You are the type who will drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and eat spinach and salads with great relish. When you are a Virgo, will do what it takes to stay healthy and be in great shape. Yet, you may tend to focus too much on the veggies and fruits and not get enough of all that it takes to make your diet truly well-balanced. To avoid dietary deficiencies, you must make a conscious effort to include all food groups in your daily diet.


Refinement and being a Libra go hand in hand, and, as a Libra, this extends to your food choices. A Libra will not often be seen binging on pizzas and burgers. Sure you like these foods as much as everyone else, however, you will eat in moderation.  Yet, you may have a penchant for eating a carbohydrate rich diet and may avoid foods you don’t much care for, such as certain fruits and vegetables. When you are a Libra you would do well to eating meals at regular intervals, this is to regulate your blood glucose levels and to keep it stable. You should also keep hydrated by increasing your water or fruit juice intake.


The Scorpio sign has a propensity for gaining weight. When you are a Scorpio, no matter what you eat, it may seem to you that you are putting on weight. You might love meat so much that you may go overboard with your intake and ignore other food groups completely.  To get in shape, a Scorpio person needs a more active lifestyle. Also, having a power breakfast, one that contains fruits and other health enhancing choices will give you a great start to your day. 


When you are a Sagittarius, you will eat only when you are hungry, which could mean, when you get too busy, your meal timings will be erratic and you may binge eat when really hungry. When you are starved for food, you will gorge on whatever is available be it sandwiches, burgers and pizzas. Given your hectic lifestyle this may go on for days, leading to dietary deficiencies. A Sagittarius would do well to eat meals on time. You should also ensure you keep hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water and make well-balanced food choices.


When you are a Capricorn you can get lost in your work and may forget to eat a meal when busy. You are in any case a small eater, too many missed meal could lead to health issues at some point. You love leafy vegetables; spinach and lettuce are often included in your daily diet. Yet, many Cancerians are struck with calcium deficiencies and to avoid this you can include more kale, figs and apples in your daily meals.


An Aquarius is an adventurous person, one prone to mix up ingredients just to find out how they would all taste together. When you are a Aquarius, you also have a preference for pastas and bread and eat way too much of these, making you put on weight. You may also be tempted to skip a meal when not hungry. This happens often with your breakfast. Eating more of veggie like celery and cabbage would do you a world of good.


A lover of natural foods, a Pisces will binge on fruits like strawberries, figs and melons. When you are a Pisces, you like to try out new types of cuisine and may cook up meals made of exotic ingredients at home. You will not eat foods you do not like; this means you leave out foods that are a must-have from the healthy eating point of view. Being a Pisces, you should ensure that your meals are balanced to enjoy optimal health.

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