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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

Hell TMR sir,
Ayurveda enlisted eight types of urines ,which can be taken for curing diseases.
Cow urine,own urine,pregnant lady’s urine,donkey’s urine,child urine,tiger’s urine etc are the eight types of urine.Cow urine is listed first,as cow eats
green leaves and grass.Green leaves and grass enjoy topmost importance in
spirituality.That is why Hindu religion says that each God has got special
liking for a special leaf.Vishnu loves Tulsi and Shiva loves Bilava.Vinayak
loves 105 types of leaves.Lakshmi loves neem.Vishnu says that he is
Ashwaddha tree among trees,in Bhagavadgita.If you eat those leaves,you
are worshipping Vishnu.
For skin diseses,wounds,burning of eyes and gastric problems,own urine is prescribed by old people in my childhood.
Morarji desai said in his book ‘Shivambu’ that own urine is like shiva’s water.
He openly canvased for it.It is not a new concept.Ayurveda knows since thousands
of years ago.
Own urine cant be taken by any person.
A person has to take own urine during fast only, from the third day of fast.A person can take uncooked vegetables for two or three days,during fast.
But Morarji desai was not taking it during a fast.He must be doing it on some
other days.
Mahatma Gandhi underwent fast very frequently for 5 or 6days,in every month.
Further,he inspired hundreds of people in his own ashram and across the country
to go on fast and to chant Ram nam.

Sirshasan (reverse posture) is the king of asanas.
It will relax kundalini and activates important points in your head,like
pineal gland.Cow posture is half sirshasan.
Penance does not mean comfort .Penance means uncomfort.
Cow walk gives very good exercise to thighs,waist and in between thighs.
Kundaline is located near private parts and it is activated due to cow walk.

Nowadays,people lack stamina to practise Sirshasan.That is why,cow asana
or cow walk is prescribed.Chanting of a mantra while standing in sirshasan
is 30 times more powerful.Many sages of yester years practised it.

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