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Hi Divya

pls give ur facebook id or ur email id.. or add my id ( as this forum is not the right place for more discussiins..
Lagna is occupied on either side by ketu and Saturn…saturn in 2..may give rise few financial problems. And any health issues you are suffering from?
And upapada lagna relating to marriage lord is Jupiter and its placed in 7th house of marriage….so Jupiter protection is always there.and marriage is happy one. Life partner will be very caring, as mars marriage planet is in Jupiter star. And navamsa its ruled by sun means he will be dignified and has status.
One more reason I find is that due to Saturn..ruling the 2n cusp. You may not talk much, or others may not find you confortable to talk t as you do not open up ..Im I correct?
Married life is good as karaka venus is in own house and Jupiter aspects lagna. And Saturn is lagna lord in lagna in navamsa.
In navamsa Saturn,mars and Jupiter aspect the 7th you need to be very careful while matching charts..and choossng correct life parther
Moon rahu given many tensions so you have carefully plan life in positive direction and be practical and also adjusting….moon rahu can also mean you may have been cheated by others and tend to belive evry one.Is you basic tense nature that is creating need not will get good life partner


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