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Reply To: JVS Rao Please Sir

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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

dear Ram,
your (house of profession) 10th cusp is signifying independent line in technical side. If you take up the business, it would be connected to liquid products, chemicals or pesticides.
To get success in acting field like TV or Cinema, the 5th cusp sub lord should signify the favorable houses 2nd(Finance), 6th(success in all attempts),10th(house of profession, reputation) and 11th (fulfillment of desires).
In your case 5th cusp sub lord is Saturn. The Saturn is in lagna and in the star of Moon (lord of 7th) in 9th and sub of Rahu in 12th conjoined with 8th lord Sun. That Rahu is in the star of Venus (lord of 5th and 10th) and Venus in 10th.
It says that there would be competitors in the acting field. You have to strive hard with a little remuneration or you have to invest your amounts with a little returns.
Jupiter dasa Jupiter bhukti is running upto 30-08-2017. Jupiter is in 8th lord of 3rd and 12th. As Jupiter is badly placed from 3rd and Saturn aspects 3rd, please don’t go for surety to anybody or wrong investments.
Jupiter dasa Saturn bhukti (from 30-08-2017 to 12-03-2020) is not good. This period may affect your father also giving tensions through Government.
In Jup-Merc it would be good for you. Till then please think and do wisely.
This is only a suggestion from astrological point of view. Take advice of your elders, another astrologer and do accordingly.
May GOD give you success name and fame in all your endeavours.
Good Luck