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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Thanks for your feedback.
In your chart 7th cusp lord and sublord is Jupiter is in a dual sign Gemini. Jupiter is in the star of Rahu conjoined with Venus, Mars, Moon and Saturn in 4th. 4th cusp sub lord Mercury is in 6th conjoined with Sun (lord of 12th) and signifying 4th and 11th. Hence one alliance may give you disappointment. Your 5th & 11th cusp sublord Rahu is signifying 4th and 11th. So You may have deep interest in a girl, but finally it may not be fruitful.
4th cusp sublord is Mercury conjoined with Sun in 12th. Mercury is signifying 4th, hence the profession of your wife would be connected with Medical line or connected with Government.
Your present period is Rahu-Venus-Moon upto 30-07-2017. Next Mars sub period is upto 02-10-2017. Mars sub period gives fixation and Rahu sub period gives you marriage. As Saturn is aspecting 7th house, there would be one postponement.
Good Luck

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