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If your date/time/place of birth is spot on, your horoscope is very good with some great combinations such as

1) Moon/Mer/Venus in second house reating a Rajyoga and showing tremendous potential for creative/communication/media fields (especially given gemini sign of communication)
2) Saturn in 5th house with Jupiter also shows profession related to creativity (Saturn being retrograde weakens the 10th house and 5th house)
3) Sun/Mars in ascendant gives courage/magnetic personality
4) Rahu in 3rd house of courage is good

Currently you are under yogakaraka Mercury Mahadasha and Moon Antradasha from 20/2/2017 to 23/7/2018. There are no combinations for job loss as Moon and Mercury both have good combinations for career in nakshatra and sublord. As Moon is in nakshatra of Jupiter with Mercury as sublord, it is advised to improve your skills and maybe move to marketing/creative proposal creation with the same company or new company when the right job opportunity arise (after October 2017).

Things should get better for you since October 2017 as

* Rahu moves to 3rd house and Ketu to 9th house in August
* Jupiter moves to 6th house in September and Saturn to 8th house in October they will both aspect 10th house of career will push things for you in right direction

Focus on learning from your company and keep your eyes open for a new opportunity especially after October 2017. Chanting Mercury beej mantra 23,000 times and Moon beej mantra 20,000 times might reduce un-necessary fear.

You can do very well in life and may god bless you.
Astrologer Deepak

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