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thanks for sharing your query. You are currently under Venus Mahadasha where Venus is placed in 6th house which is 12th from 7th house of marriage (Venus is in star of Mercury and has Jupiter as sublord, not denoting strong combination for marriage). Also Saturn aspects 7th lord Sun in your chart and hence late marriage (~32 years) is preferred so individual becomes mature about what they want from their partner and what are they willing to give in a relationship. As your 7th lord Sun is in 5th house, chances of a love marriage/marriage with your approval is brighter.

Currently you are under Venus-Jupiter period from 26/5/2016 to 25/1/2019. This period is weak from point of view of marriage despite Jupiter being karaka of husband for females as Jupiter is in star of Mars and has Venus as sublord (not a strong antradasha for marriage).

Venus-Saturn period from 25/1/2019 to 26/3/2022 indicates possibility of start of a love affair that may culminate in marriage between 27/7/2019 to 14/3/2020.

Otherwise Venus-Mercury period from 26/3/2022 is very bright for marriage as Mercury has Ketu has sublord which is placed in 7th house. Good period will be from 26/3/2022 to 19/10/2022.

Sun mahadasha from 26/3/2026 for 6 years will be great for marital bliss and happiness.

Also you are entering last phase of Sade Saati with Saturn moving to Saggitarius in 11th house over its natal chart. Expect changes in personality and thinking from Saturn.

May god bless you,
Astrologer Deepak