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hello madam

Sun is weak by degrees.
But sun is in rahu ketu axis .
Rahu is occupying own raasi but house 12.
Rahu is also sub sub lord of ketu and also star lord of house 10.
But rahu gets directional strength.

Sun is In house 6 of job but with ketu.sun is strong by being in own star and own sign.
So rahu connects with sun , current venus MD and AD till july 2019.Jupiter who is sub and sub lord of career house aspects venus closely.

So period till may 2018. Rahu sub period and Jupiter sub period and due to rahu connection with sun.who is afflicted by ketu in raasi , navamsa and occupying raasi owned by sun…in dasamsa required really hardwork to achieve your targets.How period june 2017 till may 2018 can give chances to pass exams for Govt job..

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